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Strong Academia, Packed with Activities exemplifies the curriculum at British independent schools.

The British independent school curriculum is recognised as the best in the world. It helps to encourage children’s versatility, giving them a strong academic curriculum in combination with multi-skills activities, delivered through more school hours than other schools, and small class sizes so that teachers can focus on individual students and design personalised lessons. It also includes better well-being for the children and involves the use of well-equipped, global-standard school facilities.

DBS Denla British School is one of the few international schools in Thailand that has adopted the curriculum from British independent schools. Recently, the Cambridge Assessment International Education, which is a part of the University of Cambridge, and the world’s largest accrediting institution for international education, officially certified DBS as a Cambridge International School after reviewing the curriculum standards and quality of DBS teachers.

Becoming a Cambridge International School means that DBS has been accredited to integrate the Cambridge Curriculum into its teaching and learning process. It can also arrange IGCSE examinations for Y10-Y13 students at DBS itself. IGCSE examination scores are globally recognised and students can use their scores to apply to leading universities anywhere in the world

In addition to intense academia, DBS also focuses on various activities, for example its membership of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards, a project founded by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the royal consort of Queen Elizabeth II, which provides support to youth around the world to engage in creative, challenging activities. Activities include volunteer work to help society, sport and games, as well as, educational trips and excursions abroad. Students can use the profiles of participating in these activities to enhance their application for universities and add them to their resumes to apply for future jobs.

“Education is life’s most rewarding investment,

and students deserve only the best.”

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