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Sunplay Asia to Develop Community-Based Education Programmes in Bangsaray, Thailand

Sunplay Asia, a leading active lifestyle property developer, has recently acquired a community learning centre – “Baan Sunsaray” – adjacent to their flagship luxury residential estate in Bangsaray Thailand.

Baan Sunsaray is a vibrant social space with the focus on education, interaction, and sustainability. The centre features a school, a youth camp, and offers its facilities for community classes and performances such as yoga, dancing, crafts, and more.

The acquisition underscores Sunplay Asia’s commitment to strengthening the communities in which they operate.
Supporting Local Children Through New Skills & Resources
The community learning centre offers holistic education for local underprivileged children. The curriculum includes a traditional academic stream coupled with a husbandry program, i.e. practical life skills that they can use to build a sustainable economic future.

The program includes education on local flora and fauna, painting, weaving, sewing, cooking, and English language classes. A farmer’s market has also been developed to provide a setting for the children to experience earning an income through selling their products created in classes.

Forging Deep Connections in the Community

The school also offers extracurricular activities and youth camps that welcome overseas and local international school children who wish to learn more about Thai culture and language. Importantly, the children from Baan Sunsaray’s local school participate in the classes, promoting intimate connections and lifelong friendships across the whole community.

Baan Sunsaray’s founder and director, and local Sunplay Bangsaray resident Khun Nawara Pichaiphaet, says she is very excited about the opportunities that Sunplay Asia brings to furthering the growth of Baan Sunsaray:

“I want to be part of my community and help develop its children in such a way they can have quality lives and a thoughtful attitude to society…and come along their life journey to eventually return the goodness back to their homes, which is where I also call ‘my home’”.

The centrepiece of the campus is a strikingly designed freestanding bamboo building, which like the Sunplay Bangsaray design, combines highly engineered architecture with functionality, nestled beautifully among the lush tropical gardens of the area.

For Sunplay Asia, social responsibility is an integral part of business; they are committed to creating a positive legacy in the places in which they work.  Sunplay Asia’s Managing Director Mr Adrian Bowen comments:

“We are delighted to have acquired Baan Sunsaray. We are focused on creating world-class projects for our clients and partners, and strongly believe that this should be achieved in collaboration with our residents and the local community. By creating Baan Sunsaray as a dedicated hub for the area, we are investing in the sustainable future of this exquisite destination and the people who live here.” 

Baan Sunsaray is a great example of business being a force for good – a constructive, ground-up approach to development and destination management that will create lasting benefits for the children, their families, and the wider community.

Through thoughtful initiatives like Baan Sunsaray, Sunplay Asia is ensuring a bright future for its residents and the local community.

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