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Sustainable Food Awards in Thailand

FeedUp@UN has appointed Chef Chumpol JANGPRAI, globally recognized Thai Chef, to the Sustainable Food Ambassador. Chef Chumpol JANGPRAI has professionally brought various indigenous food ingredients to the high-level established cuisine that benefit local food producers, climate resilience, biodiversity and lIfe on land (SDG 15). From New Normal to the Better Normal, the next step of local food ingredients to benefit health and nature with sustainable consumption and production – SDG 12. The solution for sustainable development, locally and globally.

Hunger, biodiversity, and food safety are the challenges of food sustainability including the food exporting countries who are still facing hunger, food safety, food loss and waste along the food value chain. Food and natural resources are wasted and creating greenhouse gases and opportunities to end hunger for all while 1/7 of the global population are hungry and facing Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) including obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Ending hunger, Sustainable Consumption and Productions are the very important goals among 17 Sustainable Development Goals that all 193 United Nations’ member countries have to achieve in 2030. Unfortunately, COVID 19 pandemic has caused a workforce and food shortage while food is wasted and lost at the supply side of the value chain. The unemployment rate for the food and wellness industry are increasing.

FeedUp@UN by the United Nations is to support food sustainability, reduce greenhouse gas emission, strengthen climate resilience, and end hunger. To exchange food wisdom for sustainability with food producers and consumers through the digital platform for sustainable development in collaboration with all 193 United Nations’ member countries.

FeedUp@UN presents and promotes trade for indegenous food ingredients, food wisdom to benefit health, nature, and social benefits. Co-create the shared value through Transparency – Traceability – Trustability as the modality for global sustainability, for People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership.

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