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Sustainable wedding venues – A” yes” to the future

People continue asking for a special wedding day. Private celebrations with friends and family, unique locations or a ceremony in a secluded setting with just the two of you. Wishes and expectations are as diverse as never.

More and more, couples are also focusing on climate protection and thinking of ways of organizing the most beautiful day of the year responsibly. Sustainability regarding the selection of food, energy and water consumption, or the amount of waste. There are hotels in many wonderful places on the planet that are hosting wedding celebrations and attaching great importance to a respectful treatment of nature and people. We introduce some of them:

Thailand: A wedding in a magical forest, with a drum parade and a personal wedding consultant

It is THE perfect wedding for many people: feet in the sand, a view of the ocean, a private little wedding ceremony and then indulging in culinary delights. THAILAND is one of those countries where these dreams may become reality. Due to the paradisiacal nature, friendly people and the cultural diversity.

The three Green Pearls® partners in Thailand are experienced “Wedding Planners” and are always delighted if couples choose to get married in their unique surroundings.

At the Keemala resort, for example. The Keemala Resort is a villa wonderland nestled in the lush hilly landscape of Kamala on the Thai island of Phuket. Featuring 38 villas and cottages with private pools, the resort’s distinctive design is inspired by the philosophy and lifestyles of four mythical ancient tribes.

Within the bewitched Kamala forests, couples can fulfill their dream of a fairy-tale wedding that would be worthy of a high fashion bridal magazine cover. ” Wedding in the Enchanted Forest “! Will take them to a remote meadow set deep in the forest, where the branches, roots, and twigs of a majestic, centuries-old tree and the surrounding woodland provide a natural backdrop for an enchanting ceremony.”

The Zeavola provides two different ways of entering into the bond of marriage: A classical Thai ceremony, where staff members of the resort, in traditional Thai dress, perform a parade of drums, which is followed by chants and blessings of Buddhist monks. At the end of the ceremony, the couple will plant a love tree and enjoy a festive dinner and champagne celebration in the evening with their guests.

The blessing Ceremony and the exchange of vows, in Western style, are conducted by either a “Master of Ceremonies” person or, if a formal Christian wedding ceremony is required, by a Priest. The celebration continues with a champagne reception and the cake cutting. The sustainable luxury resort Zeavola, located on Phi Phi Island, sits on the tranquil white sand Laem Tong Beach and is renowned for its vast array of diving opportunities in the Andaman Sea.

At Tongsai Bay on Koh Samui, a tropical island, all is set for a dream wedding day as well. Like at Zeavola and Keemala, guests can get married in traditional Thai or Western ceremonies. A dedicated wedding consultant is on duty in advance to clarify any open questions. The 5-star facility comprises 83 suites, villas and cottages, which are located in a spacious and lush green garden area. The units are spread in hillside locations all around the private bay with fantastic views. The hotel is one of the most romantic hideaways on the entire island.

Historic charm in Havel land, a castle at Lake Constance and imposing mountain peaks

The charm of the Stober country estate is evident immediately from behind the imposing red brick portal with old sandstone sculptures. The old lodging house, stables, the distillery, the granary, high old trees at the lakeside. This place is full of atmosphere and spirit. The estate is located amidst a park landscape in Havel land at the Groß Behnitzer See, approximately 20 kilometers west of Berlin. 2021 the hotel was awarded as the greenest boutique hotel in Europe. Combined with a religious wedding in the church of the village, the yes-word at the hotel’s own civil office or right at the shore: It is The perfect wedding of your dreams in stylish ambience-located in romantic park landscape at the Groß Behnitzer See.

Many bridal couples appreciate the special festive-historical ambience at the Wartegg Castle Hotel. Situated in an English park, this former castle with its white shining walls is just a few minutes’ walk from the Lake of Constance. The festive and dining hall with magnificent views of lake and park can accommodate about 50 people with dance floor. The marriage ceremonies can be held in the banquet hall as well. For a small ceremony, there is the “Silent Room” and of course the castle garden, which provides ample space for everyone. The chef de cuisine prepares proposals for banquets with much attention to detail-on request also a vegan gourmet menu including a selection of fine organic wines. A carriage ride through the vineyards between Lake Constance and the Appenzeller Vorderland region represents an exceptional experience. It is a romantic ride past the vineyards of Thaler Rebberge, the luminous lime rocks of the “steinigen Tisch” and the rich green meadows, the blue Lake Constance in sight.

You can also start out into the bright future here: at Naturhotel Aufatmen in Leutasch, Tyrol. A venue for a small but fine wedding celebration with a private swimming pond and a view of the Öfelekopf and the Ahrnspitze. This family-run wellness hotel specializes in celebrations for up to a maximum of 40 people and boasts creative vegetarian/vegan cuisine and a modern, homey ambience. Next to the restaurant, the yoga room is transformed into a dance location.

Seychelles, Maldives, and Bali: Exotic dream destinations

Marrying in Bali is colorful and cheerful, appealing to all the senses. With gorgeous floral decorations, the smell of aromatic incense sticks and the traditional music. One of the most beautiful wedding venues on Bali, the “island of gods and temples”, is certainly the Hotel Puri Dajuma. With a beautiful sunset view over the ocean, it is romantic and private. Whether it is a simple ceremony or a big party. The ceremony will be carried by the Balinese culture and the friendly people, honoring their guests and turning the day into something exceptional. As all religions come together in Bali, the Dajuma team also caters to the needs of their guests and are open to all faiths and requests.

Puri Dajuma Cottages & Spa is composed of 18 traditional Balinese cottages, a new luxury villa with fantastic beach views and two suites, one for families and the other for wedding couples.

It couldn’t be more romantic, intimate or exclusive: a festively decorated table on the sand, with a heart made of flickering candles, and a bed adorned with flowers for sleeping under the stars, and Mr. Friday to fulfill every wish of his guests. This setting will be true at the Gili Lankanfushi in Maldives. Immersed by the turquoise waters of the Gili Lankanfushi lagoon, this is where couples tie their knot and get the blessing of a Maldivian clergyman. The wedding is held at the exclusive wedding chapel in the middle of the lagoon or in one of the many other secluded spots on the private reserve.

The combination of luxurious barefoot experience with a comprehensive focus on sustainability makes the 5-star luxury eco-resort appealing to those who not only value the exclusive offerings, but the hotel’s green initiatives in terms of biodiversity, nature conservation and environmental protection.

The list of the dream wedding destinations cannot be missing the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean-and Cerf Island Resort, situated there. Located at the entrance to the Sainte Anne Marine Park on the small green island of Cerf, this resort features 24 private villas and is a popular destination for divers and snorkelers. The island nation is marked by Arabic, Phoenician, Indonesian, Portuguese, English and French influences.

The secluded beaches and exclusive private villas of CERF Island Resort are tailor-made for lovers. Cerf organizes wedding ceremonies of all kinds: as a romantic dinner for two or as an exclusive event throughout the resort. The fascinating water and island scenery of the Seychelles always creates a breathtaking backdrop for an unforgettable wedding day.

Mountain retreat, tropical resort or event location, the options could hardly be more different. However, all locations have something in common: the conviction that respectful interaction with nature and people is the only correct way into the future.

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