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Swarovski Celebrates Joyful Glamour For Fall/Winter 22

Continuing the journey that began in 2021, Swarovski presents a new range of products that celebrate self-adornment and home accessorizing through the lens of the crystal lifestyle.

Brought to life by Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert, the Fall/Winter 2022 launch builds on Swarovski’s established design language, exploring new silhouettes and introducing pieces spanning lifestyle categories such as watches, writing instruments, phone cases, and more.


In a nod to Austrian artist Gustav Klimt’s artistic influence, the glory of gilding is exemplified this season in the Dextera Family with pieces designed to radiate warm strength and the beauty of mechanical lines and engineering. Symbolically, this family represents Swarovski’s technical mastery in gender neutral expressions poised to embrace a glittering, golden summertime.


Building on our collections from season’s past, new designs are added to existing hero families that capture fresh perspectives on cuts, colors, and forms.


Boldly layered stones in their purest chromatic expression. Like a deconstructed prism, the Chroma Family leaves everything to the imagination.


The ultimate stargazing material. Crystal constellations, set on thin metal bars in unexpected combinations, are as delicate as stardust and bring the cosmos to the everyday. For Fall/Winter, Constella combines clear stones with silver-toned metal for a new expression of metallic wonder.


A crafting of “mathemagical” structures into unexpected shapes of divine proportion. Intricate and complex designs that spark the imagination like curious objects of study.


Crystal’s right hand, metal features intermix with precision-cut pave in uniquely unisex designs that offer every opportunity to make a statement. 


Challenging the sharp with the soft through a Modern Art lens, bringing full-spectrum sweetness to new and mixed materials and to cushioned designs made to adorn and adore.


Our first collection that showcases one of many sustainability efforts; Fluenta features waves of Swarovski reignited crystals, which are unused crystal stock that would otherwise go to waste, set in recycled metal ribbons that flow in delicate lines to adorn and be adored.



Our widest variety of stone cuts and rich, vibrant colors all-in-one set of pieces. Bringing a boldly random accumulation of gems into a kaleidoscope of prismatic joy, ready to wear. This season, Gema debuts in clear crystal variations for the first time. 


Oversize cushion cut crystals in a suspended setting give the illusion of floating stones and bring a sense of harmonious mystery to a look of extravagance. Formerly created in clear crystal, Fall/Winter sees Harmonia in new golden colorways.


Beautifully complex statement pieces inspired by mathematical patterns bring just the right amount of spellbinding drama to designs as intricate as they are elegant. In a testament to precision and mastery of craft, Hyperbola is imagined for Fall/Winter 2022 in a black and white graphic presentation.


Eye-catching full crystal cuts in vibrant gem colors are the new must-haves for the bold and playful, looking to dress up a simple outfit with a wondrous dose of extra.


As if the crystal is forming before your eyes, these extraordinary and elegant pieces have an unexpected fluidity inspired by exponential movement.


As fundamental to the wardrobe as the white T, these bold and timeless touches of refinement are made to have and wear forever.


Architectural angles meet mathemagical mechanics in a study of craftsmanship at its finest. Getting to the heart of crystal wonders, these pierced stones are a perfect equation of power and play.


Exploring versatility with double-sided elements that swivel and can be seen from all angles, this is a sartorial and meticulous approach to complementary shape and color.


Crystal gets edgy with spiked designs created to inspire your inner punk. Rooted in the Club Kid music scene, this design language sees prismatic cuts channel attitude incarnate.


Stella is directly rooted in Swarovski’s Austrian heritage – drawing inspiration from one of the most famous pieces of jewelry ever to come out of Austria: the stars of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, called Sissi. This family offers a true constellation of geometry, magic, and heritage.


Symbolizing eternal love, this elegant family features the iconic Swarovski swan in the shape of a heart.

Wonders abound with each new evolution. All will be available in-store or online at swarovski.com.

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