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Swarovski’s Venus: Sparkle This Spring/Summer!

Swarovski Global Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert has joined forces once more with fashion photographer Steven Meisel, hairstylist Guido Palau and makeup artist Dame Pat McGrath for a new brand campaign inspired by Venus, goddess of love, beauty, and sensuality. 

The Spring/Summer 2024 campaign, which stars top models Irina Shayk, Fei Fei Sun, Imaan Hammam, Karlie Kloss, and Abby Champion, reimagines Venus as a collection of bejeweled modern muses.

Captured by Meisel’s lens, the campaign explores and celebrates the diverse attributes of contemporary womanhood, aligning with Swarovski’s vision of showcasing jewelry as a form of self-expression. The stellar cast represent facets of the modern Venus, from strength and creativity to grace and empowerment. Adorned with treasures from Engelbert’s marine world inspired SS24 collection, each muse is transformed into a bold and joyfully extravagant archetype. 

Giovanna Engelbert commented: “The Venus campaign brings to life the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, inspired by a dream of an underwater universe. In this campaign, I reimagined the timeless Venus archetype, exploring it through a modern interpretation that resonates with contemporary ideals of elegance, empowerment, creativity, and grace perfectly embodied by these iconic models.”

Transformed by the artistry of Guido Palau and Pat McGrath and bedecked with pieces from Engelbert’s latest ocean-inspired collection, the cast of models in Meisel’s mesmerizing images are captivating and unapologetically glamorous sirens of self-expression.

Swarovski’s SS24 campaign is the third collaboration for Engelbert’s creative team, and further evolves her bold and joyful new language of luxury for the 129-year-old crystal House.

Venus, who in ancient mythology was born from the sea foam of the Aegean, is a fitting inspiration for the campaign, which coincides with the launch of a collection that takes its cues from the myriad forms of the aquatic world and the underwater gardens that are home to its extraordinary flora and fauna, such as such as shells, corals, seahorses, starfish, and anemones.

Swarovski’s savoir-faire is infused throughout the SS24 collection, which uses the magic of light-catching crystals and pearls to capture the motion and motifs of the sea. Signature families such as Hyperbola, Idyllia, and Millenia continue to develop and evolve, and are joined by the fluid lines and haute-joaillerie techniques of Sublima as well as dazzling Eyewear styles for the new season.



Hyperbola’s modern yet intricate designs highlight new inspirations for the season as white-hued crystals capture the essence of an infinity story. Featuring refined baguette cut crystals set in hypnotic sculptural forms, organic movement and fluid lines offer a shining example of savoir-faire.


Idyllia finds inspiration in nature’s most intricate adornments, from beautifully detailed shells to crystallized flowers unfurling in an explosion of graphic radiance. Marine life such as shells, starfish and seahorses appear with fine craftsmanship and pearls in abundance, while springtime inspired flowers bloom in intricate forms. Realizing these oceanic and floral motifs in pavé, pearls, ombre Swarovski Zirconia, and exquisite crystal formations, the family serves as an ode to Swarovski’s savoir-faire and honors a heritage of technical and creative mastery.


Millenia is one of Swarovski’s Icons, featuring bold and timeless touches of refinement in beautiful jewelry pieces designed to love and wear forever. Millenia’s shimmering river of crystals receives a reinterpretation of Millenia pink. Introducing a revamped framing, it features new inclusive sizing with a crystal-set chain, and lobster closure, and its octagonal stones are set horizontally for a fresh interpretation of the classic design.


Organic movements define the Sublima family, expressed in tonal crystal colors, shapes, and placements that create a fantasy-like effect, made real. Inspired by the ebbs and flows of the natural world in all its wonder and crafted with artistry and an exceptional mastery of light, Sublima shines to unique effect in a range of silhouettes for any occasion.

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