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Swensen’s debuts new “Burger Queen” menu – a delectable fusion of burger and ice cream with tender and intense flavors that are sure to wow your taste buds!

Swensen’s, the leader in the ice cream market, has been winning the hearts of Thai people for more than 36 years. With the latest recipe, Burger Queen, Swensen’s is shaking up the ice cream industry and making it more colorful and livelier than ever – pairing two extremes of deliciousness to create a perfect combination like no other.

Burger Queen is inspired by the world-famous burger brand’s signature flame-grilled burgers, now with an exciting twist: deliciously mixing with popular ice cream flavors from Swensen’s to create our new recipe that gives the perfect balance of a juicy burger and creamy ice cream. Discover the first of its kind: a delicious burger bun filled with Midnight Brownie ice cream and topped with fresh fruits, brownies, and fresh cream. Taste it once and you won’t be able to resist! This unique treat will leave you wanting more.

Swensen’s is back with a brand-new ice cream recipe that combines the unique flavors of burgers and ice cream! After introducing the famous fried chicken ice cream and still being a big hit. Now, it’s time to debut Burger Queen which is ready to check deliciousness rating. Experience the delight of a fresh, fragrant, soft, full-bodied burger, stuffed with the popular Swensen’s ice cream flavor, Midnight Brownie, and loaded with chewy brownies, chewing melon jelly, fresh strawberries, and soft golden bananas, all topped with sweet and sour strawberry sauce, and finally finished with savory fresh cream. The result is a soft and smooth, full-flavored ice cream burger that takes the classic burger and ice cream combination to the next level. Fans of Swensen’s can also enjoy the crunchiness of crispy French fries and the sweetness of strawberry dipping sauce for a truly delicious treat.

Burger and ice cream lovers won’t want to miss out on this newest creation – the perfect combination of burgers and ice cream that will never melt! And at just 149 baht, you can enjoy the sensational flavor that only Burger Queen can offer!

Enjoy the unique treat from Swensen’s this February from February 15-19, 2023, or until stocks last, at all Swensen’s stores nationwide. For more information, go to the Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/weloveswensens, or visit www.swensens1112.com

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