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T2-Max Unveils a Line of Preservative-Free Personal Lubricants

T2 Personal Health (T2pH), a company established in South Africa in 2003, launched their exhilarating line of premium personal lubricants in Thailand. Branded T2-Max, the new range offers an enticing variety of water-based products aimed at maximising sexual wellness and enhancing intimate pleasure.

These personal lubricants are the only products on the market which are 100% free of preservatives, parabens and silicone. T2-Max line has been developed with the three pillars of Pleasure, Comfort, and Safety in mind. The lubricants are long-lasting and wonderfully slippery, they are perfectly suited to all types of sexual requirements, situations and practices. T2-Max products maximise pleasure and comfort, while ensuring greater safety by helping to minimise the risk of condom breakage. The formula also contains lactic acid to match natural pH and to help prevent infections.

The new T2-Max products are locally manufactured in Bangkok. The lubricants have been specifically designed for the regional market, and can satisfy a wide range of sensory experiences: from traditional PURE (flavour and scent-free), to fruity PASSION (Passionfruit), soothing FRESH (Green Tea & Cucumber) and warm HAPPY (Apple & Cinnamon). This varied range has been developed to provide confidence, pleasure and comfort to both women (the biggest segment in this category) and men of all ages and sexual inclinations. Customers will feel confident when purchasing T2-Max products: the tastefully designed 125ml bottles have a fresh, vibrant yet discreet look and will fit neatly on the shelves with other personal care products.

Personal lubricants have become a rapidly growing category in Asia, as more people realise that the concept of healthy lifestyle goes beyond balanced diets and regular exercise. A fulfilling and pleasurable sex life is part of the holistic approach to wellness. “You may not think you need a personal lubricant,” said Aporn Asavachananon, T2pH representative, “but we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the benefits of enhanced pleasure, comfort, and safety”.

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