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Taiwan’s Tourism Triumph: All is Just Right!

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau Bangkok shared a positive update on the Taiwanese tourism industry. In the first half of 2023, over 2 million foreign tourists visited Taiwan. Meanwhile, in the first quarter of this year, Taiwan welcomed some 83,000 Thai travelers. The figure indicates a remarkable recovery of over 80% compared to the same period before the pandemic outbreak. To keep the momentum going, the agency is taking further steps to continue encouraging Thai tourists to visit Taiwan by appointing talented Thai actor Boy Pakorn (Pakorn Chatborirak) as the first brand ambassador of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Thailand. Additionally, the agency is launching a campaign and a commercial entitled “All is just right in Taiwan” under the theme “Just Fun, Just Eat, Just Shopping, and Just Feel”.  The recent campaign aims to attracting more Thai visitors to visit Taiwan by showcasing unseen tourist attractions and a wide range of exciting activities that Thai tourists should not miss when visiting Taiwan.

Hsueh, Hsiu-Mei, Deputy Representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand, expressed that Taiwan received a positive response from tourists worldwide after officially opening its doors to foreign visitors to explore the country’s tourist attractions and culture in October 2022. She said, “It is expected that around 6 million foreign tourists will visit Taiwan in 2023. From January to May this year, Taiwan welcomed more than 2 million visitors from around the world, including approximately 83,000 from Thailand during the first quarter, making Thailand one of the top 10 visiting countries. This represents a significant recovery of over 80% compared to the same period before the COVID-19 outbreak. These achievements align with the targets, and it is anticipated that the target will be met for the entire year. This success can be attributed to the government’s policies, plans, and ongoing measures to stimulate the tourism sector by promoting various aspects of tourism development. To cater specifically to Thai tourists, several campaigns and activities have been launched include the introduction of a 14-day visa-free policy for Thai tourists. Additionally, the Taiwan the Lucky Land campaign has been implemented, offering participants the opportunity to enter a lucky draw and win prizes worth 5,000 New Taiwan dollars (NTD), equivalent to around 5,600 baht.

 “Thai tourists have consistently been a key target group for Taiwan’s tourism industry. When Taiwan opened its doors to foreign tourists, the initial group of visitors came from Thailand. This early response highlighted the strong affinity and interest that Thai tourists have toward Taiwan. As a token of gratitude and with the intention to further expand the numbers of Thais traveling to Taiwan, we will continue promoting policies and activities to encourage more Thai people to visit and discover one-of-a-kind experiences in Taiwan. Our ultimate goal is to establish Taiwan as a prominent destination in the minds of Thai people, making it a cherished landmark in their travel aspirations,” said Hsueh, Hsiu-Mei

Ms. Cindy Chen, Director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Bangkok Office, meanwhile, mentioned that this year, the Bureau conducted a survey among Thai tourists to assess their satisfaction and expectations. The survey shown that the top five attractions listed by Thai tourists are Jiufen in Ruifang District, New Taipei City; Gaomei Wetland in Taichung City; Daxi Old Street in Taoyuan City; Taipei 101 Building in Taipei City; and Anping Old Fort in Tainan City. These attractions are considered unique and inviting, offering everyone an opportunity to have an unforgettable experience. To further acquaint Thai tourists with Taiwan, the agency has appointed talented Thai actor Boy Pakorn (Pakorn Chatborirak) as the first brand ambassador of Taiwan Tourism in Thailand. He was chosen for his good-natured character, lively personality, and friendly vibe. These attributes align well with the image of Taiwan as a diverse and meticulous destination. The Bureau predicts that with Boy Pakorn’s popularity and charm, it will be instrumental in attracting more tourists to Taiwan.

The “All is just right in Taiwan” campaign, featuring advertising advert sets to showcase the beauty and attractions of Taiwan while introducing new destinations and activities that Thai tourists should not miss. The campaign consists of four key concepts:

  • Just Fun: Introducing a plethora of new attractions that Thai tourists can explore unique experience, encompassing both natural landscapes and captivating city check-in destinations.
  • Just Eat: Experiencing Taiwan’s cuisine which is celebrated for its diverse flavors and has earned accolades from the Michelin Guide, including both Michelin stars and Bib Gourmand awards. Exploring the local finest of Taiwanese-style cuisines to take home a spoon full of savory experience.
  • Just Shopping: Making shopping an enjoyable experience with a wide range of shopping spots with souvenirs, local products, and leading international brands.
  • Just Feel: Experiencing the charm of various festivals, Taiwanese’s way of life, and the friendliness of Taiwanese people.

The commercial “All is just right in Taiwan,” featuring Boy Pakorn, showcases several captivating tourist attractions and places of interest in Taiwan. It highlights experiences such as riding the Alishan Forest Railway and exploring the trekking routes, cycling along the picturesque Sun Moon Lake, strolling through Hukou Old Street, and admiring the iconic Taipei 101 tower. These attractions are highly recommended for Thai tourists as they offer one-in-a-lifetime experience. The advertisement will be carried out through online channels and other platforms.

“The Taiwan Tourism Bureau Bangkok released an updated version of its public relations brochure to provide comprehensive information about Taiwan’s tourism. Additionally, we have planned to invite media representatives and key opinion leaders to travel to Taiwan to further boost the buzz and excitement about the new tourist attractions. In the next year, there are plans to invite Boy Pakorn to participate in the Taiwan tourism exhibition and the Thai International Travel Fair event. Scheduled for January 2024 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, the events will provide opportunities for fans to meet and engage with their beloved actor. Also, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau hopes to leverage his fame and charm to attract Thai tourists to Taiwan, their next travel destination that provides unforgettable memories and captivating experiences that await everyone”, said Cindy Chen.

Expressing his fondness for Taiwan Boy Pakorn Chatborirak said: “Personally, I like Taiwan and have frequently visited there. However, this time, I am particularly thrilled and honored to shoot a commercial in Taiwan as a brand ambassador. It offered me a great chance to explore Taiwan more intimately and from different perspectives as well. I am excited for the opportunity to visit unseen places that I had never had a chance to experience before. Through this commercial, Taiwan will be unveiled in a fresh and captivating way, inviting everyone to experience the essence of ‘All is just right in Taiwan.’ It will showcase the stunning tourist attractions, the delightful array of Taiwanese cuisine, and the warm hospitality of the Taiwanese people. I would like to invite all Thai tourists to explore Taiwan, a destination that caters to every generation. I am confident that you will definitely be mesmerized and fall in love with Taiwan.

The event showcases a vast variety of activities inspired by the “All is just right in Taiwan” campaign, providing attendees with a taste of the mini-Taiwan experience without the need to travel far. Activities are divided into four sections: Just Fun brings a delightful touch of Taiwanese-style childhood games back to life including pinball, bottle flipping, and random picking. Attendees will have the opportunity to try their hand at playing these nostalgic games. Just Eat brings a mouthwatering array of Taiwanese culinary delights to the event. Indulge in the flavors of Yan Su Ji or Taiwanese-style pop chicken, experience the unique taste of Cong You Bing or scallion pancake, and enjoy the fragrant coriander cut bean popsicles and pineapple patties for a delightful, sweet treat. And of course, don’t miss the opportunity to savor the popular milk tea with bubbles. Just Shopping and Just Feel showcase a wide selection of face masks from Taiwan brands, an array of artistic creations and souvenirs from Taiwan on display, plus an immersive experience with authentic Taiwanese-style tea-shaking activities.

Stay up to date with the “All is just right in Taiwan” campaign and its commercial by accessing various online channels as well as other platforms. Interested individuals can follow and receive updates, activities, and must-visit tourist attractions in Taiwan from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau Bangkok by visiting the official website at https://www.taiwantourism.org/th/or follow their Facebook page at “Taiwan Tourism Bureau TH.”

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