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TAT Newsroom Blogger Thailand returns for its fifth year

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is pleased to announce that its ‘TAT Newsroom Blogger Thailand’ project returns for the fifth year with several significant changes, including a new focus on social media influencers.

Participants don’t need to have their own blog (website) to qualify but they must have at least one main social media account (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) with a substantial number of followers.

Also different in 2020 is that there will be no online competition. Social influencers will be scouted and approached based on this year’s new rules and regulations. There will be one exclusive trip for social influencers outside of Thailand and two trips for those residing in Thailand.

The focus will be on the TAT’s Amazing Thailand ‘Open To The New Shades’ concept to promote new, unexpected experiences in Thailand. These can include, but are not limited to, responsible and sustainable tourism in line with TAT’s CSR direction to reduce tourism-related waste. Or community-based tourism to secondary destinations in line with TAT and Thai government’s policy to promote emerging destinations to even out seasonality and distribute income to local communities.

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