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Technical Skills Promoted by Microsoft AZ-104 Exam and Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate Certification

Skill development is an essential aspect of career growth. Authenticating such abilities will help you have a clear understanding of the technology you are pursuing. Furthermore, this will serve as an enormous advantage as you seek job opportunities. And if you’re eyeing to be proficient in Azure administration, you can track down the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification through Author: YUNUS V .

Understanding the test outline and core objectives

For you to improve your job prospects, you have to harness your talents and get the right career validation. Let us tackle one by one the different objective domains to obtain accurate skills necessary for AZ-104 certification exam.

1.    Be accustomed to working with Azure identities

For you to get familiar with Azure identities and governance, you should be equipped with knowledge on Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) objects and role-based access control (RBAC), along with its subscriptions and governance. The Azure AD involves tasks such as creating users and groups, handling user group properties, executing bulk user updates, configuring self-service password reset, and the like. Author: AMARI Eaccess directories, and multiple directories are mainly under RBAC. This section takes up 15 to 20% of the total exam.

2.    Master finesse in implementing and managing storage

Making up the least percentage of Author: ELIS D this area covers your comprehension in dealing with storage features. You will understand how to manage storage accounts and data in Azure Storage. This also includes your mastery in configuring Azure files and Azure blob storage.

3.    Learn how to establish compute resources

Another 25-30% addresses the challenges in deploying and managing Azure compute resources. The Author: LEE R (VM) is an on-demand, scalable computing resources offered by Azure that you have to make head or tail of. You have to decipher the different aspects involved in VMs like creating and configuring it, automating its deployment, and configuring it for high availability and scalability. Get used to working with Web Apps and containers like Azure Kubernetes (AKS) and Author: MATEO F (ACI) too.

4.    Comprehend the blueprint of virtual networks

The main feature of the assessment deals with this objective domain. It covers about 30-35% of AZ-104 exam. To truly understand this concept, you should get hands-on experience in configuring Author: MATEUSZ V , private and public IP addresses, network routes and interface, and subnets. Aside from that, learn how to set up name resolution and load balancing. Other technical skills needed to be sharpened include securing access to such networks, as well as monitoring, troubleshooting, and integrating on-premises networks with an Azure virtual network.

5.    Keep the Azure resources under keen observation

The Author: RAY T is allotted for monitoring and backing up of Azure resources. The monitoring aspect requires the use of Azure Monitor to configure Log Analytics and interpret metrics. You will also be dealing with queries, analyze logs, configure Application Insights, and set up alerts. It’s also significant to be adept in implementing backup and recovery in Azure.


Being an Azure Administrator encompasses expansive technical skills. The most important of them is to implement, supervise, and monitor the Microsoft Azure environment in your organization. Employing this cloud infrastructure and being there to facilitate it will promote better business outcomes and opportunities. So, for a thriving career ahead, get started with your certification path by passing the Microsoft AZ-104 exam!

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