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Tetra Pak and the Royal Chitralada Projects Launch the World’s First Congee in Carton Package

Tetra Pak, a world-leading processing and packaging solutions company, together with the Royal Chitralada Projects has introduced the world’s first congee in Tetra Recart®, a paper-based carton package from Tetra Pak.

Recognized as one of the most remarkable breakthroughs in packaging innovations for the food industry in the 21st century, Tetra Recart is a sustainable carton package that offers an alternative solution to canned food packaging.

Developing a packaging solution for items in food categories such as congee has always been a goal for Tetra Pak. Tetra Recart now allows for keeping Chitralada congee fresh for months with no need for preservatives. With the ease of use when opening, reclosing, and storing, it gives a great user experience for consumers around the world. This revolutionary packaging is convenient to use and has a low environmental impact due to its light weight and low carbon footprint.

Tetra Recart carton packages are an environmentally sound alternative to packaging a range of products traditionally packed in cans and jars. Six separate life cycle assessments (LCA) have confirmed that Tetra Recart is the form of retorted packaging with the lowest climate impact, beating pouches, glass jars and cans overall. The studies also show that carbon emissions from Tetra Recart over the lifetime of the package are 80% and 75% lower than those of steel cans and glass jars. At least two-thirds of the material in a Tetra Recart carton package comes from a renewable, responsibly-managed FSC™ certified forests. Trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere, turning it into wood and releasing oxygen, providing us with air to breathe….

Read the full news and more information on ‘Tetra Pak and the Royal Chitralada Projects Launch the World’s First Congee in Carton Package’ from the attached files below.

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