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Tetra Pak showcases its cutting-edge ice cream solutions through the discussion “Let’s turn dreams into ice creams”

Tetra Pak, a world-leading processing and packaging solutions company, launched an end-to-end solution for ice cream production through the seminar “Let’s turn dreams into ice creams” led by (second from right) Ms. Ratanasiri Tilokskulchai,

Managing Director, (second from left) Mr. Supanat Ratanadib, (Left) Mr. Samir ElAtassi, Processing Director, Tetra Pak (Thailand) Company Limited and (Right) Penny Jirayuwatana, a celebrity chef who became famous as a judge on TV culinary shows and her own Penny the Chef Page. Together they discussed the ice cream market insight and development in ice cream production to capture consumer’s trends at the JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok.

In this discussion, Tetra Pak has revealed the readiness to be a one-stop service provider of ice cream production with 3 key strengths: Good Equipment- offering good machinery and equipment, as well as innovation and new technology utilised in ice cream manufacture to meet consumer expectations. Good Ingredients- Acquisition of raw materials and ingredients required for manufacture from all around the world, whether for ice cream sauces, chocolates, cookies, wooden sticks, or ice cream cups. Lastly, Good Services- Professional service to help with every aspect of the ice cream production process, from formula development through product sampling and production of the final product for sale.

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