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Tetra Pak Thailand Organises a Roundtable to Discuss Changes in Consumer Trends

Tetra Pak, a world-leading processing and packaging solutions company, recently organised a roundtable to present the interim report of ‘Trendipedia’ 2022 — a targeted study of changes in consumer trends.

The roundtable was joined by Tetra Pak Thailand’s partners from Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency which provided insights for Trendipedia, and from Ikano (Thailand) Limited, the world’s largest home furnishing retailer which operates IKEA Thailand.

In the report Tetra Pak gives an update on three key consumer shifts which are Stay in Control, Break Out & Re-Experience, and Explore OMNI-Spaces. Packed with examples to bring inspiration of what can be done in each space, the Trendipedia 2022 is set to help businesses gain a competitive advantage by enabling them to quickly react to the changes and adapt to the needs of consumers to show that they care.

The roundtable discussed how consumer behaviour and purchase patterns are constantly changing, and how the food and beverage industry needs to be agile enough to reach a more enlightened consumer, innovate with ever-evolving technology and address real challenges such as health and food safety. Post-pandemic market recovery initiatives are often pointing towards greener solutions, to make industries and economies more resilient. Now, more than ever, it is important to understand consumers and how their priorities are changing, and to stay relevant when consumers more consciously vote with their wallet.

 On the photo: (Fromm left to right)

  1. Pongsanguan Jiradechakul, Associate Director, India and Thailand Lifestyle Research, Mintel
  2. Sangsom Bualamyai, Country Business Navigation Manager of Ikano (Thailand) Limited.
  3. Ratanasiri Tilokskulchai, Managing Director, Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited.
  4. Sutthinun Taechathayanon, Marketing Manager, Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited.
  5. Supanat Ratanadib, Marketing Director, Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited.
  6. Tapanee Junhom, Head of Communications, Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited.

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