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Tetra Pak Thailand to Plant a Forest of 1,000 Trees to Celebrate for Thai Environment Day

Tetra Pak (Thailand) Ltd., the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company, announced a project with EcoMatcher, the leading tree-planting platform, to plant a forest of 1,000 trees in Thailand. The trees, which will be planted through EcoMatcher’s tree-planting foundation partner, Conserve Natural Forests, are for the Thai Environment Day celebration on December 4th. This initiative confirms Tetra Pak’s commitment in driving environmental and social development by supporting forest restoration and wildlife conservation in Thailand.

The forest of 1,000 trees, which will be named after Tetra Pak Thailand, will be planted in Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand. EcoMatcher will capture details of every tree planted. The information about the trees will be sent by email, so that each of Tetra Pak’s employees will be able to virtually travel to his or her tree using EcoMatcher’s TreeTracker and know everything about every tree in the forest planted by the company. Each employee will be able to look at their tree, get information about the site where the tree was planted, see locations of other trees planted by Tetra Pak, meet the people who planted the trees and get updated information on the tree’s carbon sequestration (to see the positive impact the tree is making), and even “chat” with the tree using the latest chatbot technology.

Tetra Pak recognise the imperative of balancing our business growth ambitions with some fundamental responsibilities to those with whom we do business, to our employees, to the communities in which we operate and to the environment. EcoMatcher offers a transparent sustainability solution for combating climate change and deforestation. Their tech platform has been designed to provide users with an engaging, educational and fun experience, which will allow Tetra Pak employees to connect online with the project and be part of the company’s sustainability journey.

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