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THAI Celebrates 59th Anniversary by Offering Grey Sedge Travel Kits

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) is celebrating its 59th anniversary by offering grey sedge (krajood) travel kits to Royal Silk Class passengers traveling with THAI during 1-3 May 2019. These travel kits will be presented to passengers flying with THAI for over four hours flying time on international routes, except Australia and New Zealand routes.  The woven sedge travel kits are local OTOP (One Tambon One Product) items produced from the sedge weaving group in Ban Map Lao Cha On, Chak Phong sub-district, Klang district, Rayong province.

Sedge mat weaving is a traditional handicraft produced by Ban Map Lao Cha On villagers. Sam Nak Yai marsh is grown in this community, with an abundance of fresh water fish and sedge. Traditionally, villagers used sedge to binding things, weave mats, and as sugar sacks, and as a royal gift since the Ayutthaya period, over 200 years ago.

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