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THAI Smile Ensures HEPA Filter Efficiency in Every Flight.

Nowadays, people are concerning over the spread of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 continuously. THAI Smile Airways ensures the highest preventive measures in all flights by spraying disinfectant in the passenger cabin and cockpit on all flights returning from risky routes, including Bangkok-Hong Kong, Bangkok-Kaohsiung, Chiang Mai-Kaohsiung, Chiang Mai-Bangkok, Phuket-Hong Kong, Phuket-Bangkok. The airline is also conducting deep cleaning 36 touch points inside every aircraft under the same the standards as Thai Airways International. Moreover, passengers are able to get fresh air by cabin air filtration system with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter in every THAI Smile’s aircraft. The HEPA filter can also capture particles within the size of 0.3-0.1 microns.

The ventilation system with HEPA purifies air by mixing the fresh air (from outside) with the air inside the cabin through HEPA filters before discharging the air back inside the cabin. Air will be flown from the overhead stowage compartments and drawn down at the underfloor area, then it will be recirculated back into the HEPA filter again. Air will be recirculated and filtered regularly by High- Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter to keep a balance of temperature inside the cabin and provide fresh air for passengers. THAI Smile’s air filtration system can filter particles such as viruses, bacteria, and fine dust by over 99.99% efficiency which meets the standard set for hospital surgical theatres.

In addition, the airline continues to rigorously enforce preventive measures against the COVID-19 outbreak by giving alcohol-based hand sanitizer to passengers before boarding and during the flight, allowing cabin crew to wear gloves and face masks every time when providing service on board, giving face masks to passengers upon request etc. These measures are aimed at ensuring safety and reducing hygienic concerns for passengers.     Mrs. Charita Leelayudth, CEO of THAI Smile Airways, revealed the airline’s measures to boost confidence of passengers, asserting that THAI Smile is able to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak efficiently. The airline has temporarily cancelled all China’s inbound and outbound flights including Bangkok-Chongqing, Bangkok-Changsha, Bangkok-Zhengzhou, and Bangkok-Kaohsiung to prevent against COVID-19 infections. THAI Smile has also enforced the highest hygienic and cleanliness measures particularly Aircraft preparation and disinfection measures. Cabins have been sprayed with disinfectants, and undergone deep cleaning in line with THAI’s standards.

THAI Smile cares and continuously enforces inflight safety measures. Passengers can assure in our preventive measures against the COVID-19 outbreak from the use of HEPA filter and other preventive measures,” Mr. Charita added.

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