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Thai Vietjet establishes ‘Garbage Hunter’ campaign

Further contributing to the community as a Thai carrier, Thai Vietjet today established ‘Garbage Hunter’ team, with a solid aim to remove a minimum of five tons of garbage on Thailand’s various beaches, rivers and canals each year.

The ‘Garbage Hunter’ team was founded with objective to remove garbage from many places in Thailand, and to raise environmental consciousness among the airline’s staff, drive sustainability awareness and reduce garbage and waste from the environment.

“As an air transportation service provider, Thai Vietjet believes that we are also responsible for the environmental sustainability. We have put an enormous effort to reduce pollution from our daily operation, and have taken many actions to protect the environment, reducing the cause of the global warming issue that humanity has been facing with, said Mr. Pinyot Pibulsonggram, Director of Commercial, Thai Vietjet.

The airline expects to remove at least five tons of garbage from places in Thailand each year, by arranging a wide range of environmental activities and cooperation with many organizations throughout the year. In the next stage, apart from the airline’s staff itself, the airline expects to extend the participation to the staff’s friends, and family, as well as the public and tourists in Thailand.

Thai Vietjet places importance on the environment and sustainability, especially to keep places clean for local residents and tourists. The airline is among the very first carriers in the world to revolutionize the aviation industry by adopting a wide range of energy-saving policies, including the order, receipt and usage of more aircraft with energy-saving innovations to the fleet, such as the Airbus A321neo ACF.

In 2021, the airline officially launched the ‘Fly Green Fund’, cooperating with Seub Nakhasathien Foundation, inviting passengers and the public to donate and support the foundation’s environmental activities to protect forests and wildlife. For more information about Fly Green Fund, please visit https://th.vietjetair.com/donation.

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