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Thai Vietjet further supports passengers of re-scheduled flights

To further support passengers on those recent re-scheduled flights due to operational reason, apart from exercising industrial standard practice of food and beverages, free change to other flight, refund and accommodation where applicable, Thai Vietjet has confirmed its goodwill support of THB 300 voucher to all passengers with flight impact of 1 hour or more during 1st April – 10th April 2021. The voucher will be automatically sent to passengers’ email as provided in their booking, within April 2021.

In addition, for faster response, passengers who has travel date during 1st – 10th April 2021 can contact the carrier by following link: http://bit.ly/3sBuET0 and fill in needed information, to receive voucher (of higher value than paid amount) for further use, which they can make and manage their new bookings by themselves. Upon receipt of correct information provided and verification, the voucher(s) will be sent to passengers’ provided email for further use, 14 days from date of receipt of passenger information.

For other passenger enquiry, the airline has established different contact channels to further support and avoid high calls at peak times at Call Center, including:

  1. E-Form:http://bit.ly/3sBuET0(Recommended Channel)
  2. Email:vz.support@vietjetair.com
  3. Line: @Thaivietjet
  4. Chatbot on Vietjetair.com

Thai Vietjet sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the re-schedule of some of the flights.

Recently, the airline has been developing and implementing its services to facilitate passengers with more convenience and flexibility, including adopting portable check-in devices to diversify the check-in options at the airport, improving the online check-in service, developing ‘Amy’ AI chatbot to provide better assistance to passengers, and preparing to receive more aircraft to continue its network expansion. Those service developments have been implemented to well meet with the continually increasing number of the airline’s passengers, and also to enhance its passengers’ travel experiences.

Thai Vietjet is committed to providing on time scheduled flights with the highest safety complied with the standards and regulations of the relevant authorities. The carrier has been strictly performing aircraft disinfection daily throughout its fleet in compliance with Thai Ministry of Public Health, plus performing cleaning and disinfection its company premises to reduce potential risk to the staff to ensure passengers wellbeing.

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