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Thai Vietjet joins IATA Travel Pass Trial, Reopening International Travel

Thai Vietjet, in cooperation with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), signed the agreement to participate in a trial of the IATA digital health passport – IATA Travel Pass, which allows passengers to seamlessly and securely manage their travel while complying with the latest global COVID-19 health requirements. The trial is planned for the airline’s semi-commercial flight from Ho Chi Minh City – Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) in June after an internal test.

IATA Travel Pass has been developed to encourage safe travel between countries by standardizing health verification requirements in the form of a digital passport to help passengers easily and securely manage their verified COVID-19 test results on their phones. The app checks the verified results against a global registry of entry requirements and if travelers meet the requirements, they will receive an “OK to Travel” status. This can then be used for travel to the destination country. In future IATA Travel Pass will also manage immunization certificates.

“Thai Vietjet is proud to be among the first airlines in the world to trial IATA Travel Pass, which can really help passengers to travel internationally. We do appreciate IATA for introducing this innovative solution to lead the way to resume international travel by developing the IATA Travel Pass to simplify the information required by countries and governments around the world into our airline systems” said Mr. Woranate Laprabang, Chief Executive Officer of Thai Vietjet

“We are proud to work with Thai Vietjet to trial IATA Travel Pass. With this trial, Thai Vietjet is contributing to the restart of international travel by giving Governments the confidence to safely re-open borders. IATA Travel Pass will help passengers to verify their compliance with COVID-19 requirements using health credentials securely linked to their identity in a digital passport. And this will put Thai Vietjet and its customers on the front line of travel modernization,” said Conrad Clifford, IATA’s Regional Vice President for Asia-Pacific.

The trial of IATA Travel Pass by Thai Vietjet should increase passenger confidence to travel, enabling a quick recovery for global aviation and the tourism industry, particularly to/from Thailand where the government has been proactively taking initiatives and measures to welcome and accommodate increasing international travel demand.

The safety and health of our passengers is Thai Vietjet’s top priority. The carrier has been strictly performing aircraft disinfection daily throughout its fleet in compliance with Thai Ministry of Public Health. The carrier was named the fastest growing low-cost airline in Thailand 2020 by The Global Business Outlook Award and warded the highest ranking for safety with 7 stars by the world’s only safety and product rating website airlineratings.com.

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