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Thailand COVID-19 Recovery Fitness Trends by Jetts

Are you fitter or fatter during lockdowns? The impact of COVID-19 on our lives has been unprecedented in so many aspects. Like almost every other industry across the globe, the fitness industry has shifted towards essential changes in order to survive and thrive in the aftermath. As the number one market leader in the fitness industry and the fastest-growing fitness chain in Thailand, Jetts Fitness is sharing insights into the fitness trends expected to continue in the COVID-19 recovery phase and beyond.

Survival of the fittest

The pandemic brought huge challenges to the fitness sector as well as to gym addicts when health clubs were forced to shut down as a way to curb the spread of coronavirus. Jetts Fitness has observed key differences in clients’ behaviours between the first outbreak and the second wave. Following the temporary shutdown of fitness facilities nationwide in March and May 2020, 73% of Jetts Fitness members returned in the first month after outlets reopened, nearly full capacity by July 2020. Starting to accept the COVID-19 pandemic as the new reality, while embracing the new normal in safety and hygiene, members mentioned they were exercising more than at the start of COVID-19. By contrast, during the recent lockdown in January 2021, Jetts Fitness clubs in Chiang Mai, Korat and Phuket remained open. Around 85% of local members continued their gym routine and were familiar with sanitary and hygiene standards within the facilities.

Health is the new wealth

The outbreak has provided an opportunity for fitness operators to go from surviving to thriving. Taking inspiration from a time of pandemic to build a healthier lifestyle, people are becoming aware that it is time to boost their immunity. Until there is a full rollout of COVID-19 vaccine, regular exercise is still the wonder drug that strengthens the body’s natural defences. After resuming operations, Jetts Fitness clubs in Bangkok have seen a surge in new members as more people are jumping back into their workout routine.

Digital sweat

According to Think with Google’s ‘A Year in Search 2020 Thailand’[1], last year saw tremendous year-on-year growth of 70% in searches on YouTube for yoga. It comes as no surprise that YouTube also witnessed an 80% year-on-year increase in fitness-related videos’ watch time. During lockdowns, Jetts Fitness has been offering ‘Jetts Workout at Home’ daily live sessions of its highly popular classes, ranging from BODYCOMBAT, BODYJAM, BODYPUMP, SH’BAM, and J Series to yoga, which gained over 38.4K views. 17.00 hrs on weekdays and 15.00 hrs on weekends are the most popular times, while favourite classes are BODYCOMBAT, Let’s Move, and J Series, respectively.

Exercise for mental health

Exercise is good for you – not only physically, but also mentally. Some people might experience negative effects of isolation during the quarantine. Physical activity increases those feel-good brain chemicals endorphin and serotonin. While regular exercise like running for 15 minutes a day or walking for an hour reduces the risk of major depression[2], HIIT workouts like Jetts Fitness’ famous J Series is a great 30-minute remedy for stress relief.

Online PT on the rise

As gyms begin to reopen, some fitness fanatics may still feel reluctant to leave the house. Online personal training makes an efficient fix for fitness enthusiasts who seek a connected solution of personalized programmes and stay-safe-at-home comfort. Jetts Fitness has been offering virtual PT options and seen a massive rising trend with growing numbers of clients who opt for digital offerings through their existing package.

The hybrid future of fitness

The pandemic has brought about a new blend of online and offline. The hybrid solution of virtual workout and in-person training may prove to be a lasting change for the industry, ushering in more flexibility and freedom. Thanks to the ease-of-use of online platforms, the digital options enable health enthusiasts to work out however they choose to on their own schedule. Meanwhile, in-studio fitness remains unbeatable thanks to the unique benefits of working out in a stimulating environment. Added to endless options of state-of-the-art equipment at the gym, a collective fitness experience also gives a sense of community as well as a big boost of good vibes, motivation and inspiration[3].

Setting the bar high

With gyms and health clubs being given the green light to open their doors, fitness operators are staying on top of hygiene and safety standards. All Jetts Fitness outlets are operating strictly as per government guidelines and maintain rigorous sanitization regulatory measures. The protocol includes check-in screening criteria, contact-tracing requirements, and mandatory use of face masks to enter the clubs. The clubs also restrict gym capacity with physical distancing measures and ensure increased cleaning and disinfecting in all areas and equipment to ensure a safe environment for members and teams – Jetts Fitness’ top priority.

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