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Thailand Targets Medical Tourism

Thailand is attempting extremely hard to reboot tourism however so far it hasn’t quite worked, particularly with the recent rise in Covid-19 transmission.

Some of you may remember my story on the lengthy 31 steps process to obtain a visa, and 90 days of pre-paid accommodation also required were a bit demotivating for some. Then it became a little creative with the Tinder partnership, and with few exceptions, has continued to be a struggle, despite the relaxing of international visa requirements.

Now, whilst many countries around the globe are moving forward towards legalizing the growth and the consumption of cannabis, Thailand became late 2019 one of these countries after approving the legalization of growing medical cannabis with specific standards and regulations. Thailand is the only country in south-east Asia to legalize growing cannabis for medical purposes and It will also launch cannabis tours programs for International and domestic tourism.

Thailand legalised medicinal marijuana after the most recent elections in March 2019. Thai citizens can grow weed plants at home. Thailand medicinal cannabis manufacturers can produce over one million 10ml CBD and THC oil bottles for international distribution.

Like most south-east Asian countries, Thailand is famous for its beautiful holiday destinations and its severe punishments on drugs.

For tourists travelling to Thailand, the recreational use of marijuana is still illegal with penalties, including up to 10 years in prison. Tourists will be able to gain access to medical marijuana with a prescription by going through the proper channels.

Thailand’s tourism and sports minister, Pipat Ratchakitprakan, is encouraging “weed tourism” as a way to bring economic benefits outside of the manufacturing of cannabis. Building a “quality tourism” campaign aimed at Europeans and Americans to visit for “beaches, relaxation and medical marijuana”.

Medical cannabis tour packages will target foreigners to visit Thailand. These “weed tours” are replacing the previous dental surgical tour packages that are incredibly affordable compared to most developed nations.

The Government has Legalized Growing Cannabis in only 8 Provinces around the Country. These Provinces are: Mae Hong Son, Lampang, Samut Songkhram, Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Ratchasima, Buri Ram, Phatthalung and Chon Buri.

Some may think when Hearing about legalizing cannabis in Thailand that It will be Sold in Coffeeshops around the country or in Some Stores as in The Netherland or the USA. But unfortunately, not.

Only Authorized farms can grow cannabis under supervision from authorities. The Farm should have pre-orders for cannabis from official doctors.

Tourists can get the cannabis products either from the farms growing it, or from a cannabis clinic. These clinics are starting to be more popular every day and more franchises are opening around the country.

A cannabis Clinic is a place from which people can buy cannabis products, such as food and beverages, medicines, and other types of products. People wanting to receive a cannabis treatment can only do so after going through a blood test under the supervision of a professional doctor (other tests may be required).

Treatments in cannabis clinics can be used for pain in the bones, skin problems, sleeping issues, and many other pathologies.

On the tourism side, authorities are expecting that cannabis tourism will become a trend post-pandemic.

Cannabis tours in Thailand will be like the wine tours in other countries. It will consist of visiting cannabis farms with a guide who explains how they grow the best quality cannabis and give other information. Thereafter the guests can purchase the cannabis products created for health & wellness, and food & beverage.

By Joe Cusmano



Source: www.straynomad.com

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