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Thailand’s Livestream Event Earns 100M+ Baht, Boosts Economy!

Amazing Thailand logo Chinese versionIn an unprecedented digital event that has captured the attention of global travellers and industry experts alike, Trip.com, a leading online travel agency, in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Ministry of Tourism & Sports, orchestrated a livestream phenomenon that not only showcased the enchanting allure of Thailand but also succeeded in generating an impressive gross merchandise value (GMV) exceeding THB100 million. This remarkable achievement underscores the innovative strategies to rejuvenate the Thai tourism sector, further solidifying its position as a pivotal force in the global travel industry.

The “Super World Trip BOSS Live,” held in the vibrant city of Bangkok, was not just a display of Thailand’s varied attractions—from its rich cultural tapestry and exquisite cuisine to its dynamic urban landscapes and serene islands. It also emerged as a testament to the power of digital engagement in today’s travel industry, offering viewers exclusive deals with discounts of up to 50%. Adding to the allure, some 1,000 lucky viewers were delighted with vouchers from King Power Duty-Free, each worth THB200, further enriching the viewing experience.

The livestream was graced by notable figures, including Thailand’s Prime Minister, Mr Srettha Thavisin, who extended a warm video welcome to Chinese tourists, highlighting the enduring friendship and deepening ties between Thailand and China. The event also featured appearances by the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Ms. Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol, and the Governor of the TAT, Ms. Thapanee Kiatphaibool, both of whom were present at the Rosewood Bangkok venue, emphasizing the government’s commitment to the tourism sector’s growth.

This digital extravaganza came from strategic discussions focused on the tourism industry’s future, involving key stakeholders such as Trip.com Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Bo Sun, and Vice Presidents, Mr. Edison Chen and Ms. Sun Tianxu. The discourse centred around leveraging the newly established visa exemption agreement with China to foster economic recovery and tourism growth, highlighting the significant potential of the Chinese tourist market.

Minister Wangsuphakijkosol eloquently remarked on the deepening friendship between the nations, propelled by the permanent visa exemption agreement. She outlined the government’s ambitious plans to promote cultural exchanges and attract tourists, especially during key festivals such as the Chinese New Year and the World Water Festival. These initiatives aim to celebrate Thai culture and entice a global audience to experience Thailand’s renowned hospitality and vibrant traditions.

Echoing this sentiment, Mr. Bo Sun of Trip.com Group emphasized Thailand’s enduring popularity among Chinese travellers and the company’s commitment to supporting Thailand’s tourism industry. Ms Sun Tianxu, with her extensive experience in hosting over 200 live stream sessions, noted the mutual benefits of the visa waiver agreement and expressed optimism about the continued growth of tourist exchanges between the two countries.

The “Super World Trip BOSS Live” is part of Trip.com Group’s broader initiative to invigorate the travel sector through innovative digital platforms. Since its inception in 2020, the BOSS Live series has generated a staggering USD 1.48 billion in transactions and attracted over 1 billion viewers worldwide, demonstrating the immense potential of live streaming to engage global audiences.

Thailand’s strategic importance to Trip.com Group is underscored by the surge in bookings and searches from Chinese tourists, reflecting the country’s enduring appeal and the effectiveness of collaborative marketing efforts. The recent visa-free travel agreement has already had a tangible impact, with bookings and searches for Thailand experiencing exponential growth, signalling a robust recovery and a bright future for Thailand’s tourism industry.

In conclusion, the success of the “Super World Trip BOSS Live” event is a harbinger of the evolving landscape of global tourism, where digital innovation and international cooperation pave the way for economic revitalization and cultural exchange. As Thailand continues to welcome visitors with open arms, its partnership with Trip.com Group and the support of the Chinese market are pivotal in navigating the path towards a prosperous and dynamic tourism sector.




Written by: Supaporn Pholrach







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