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Thailand’s Mesmerizing Dance: Come and Move With Us!

Amazing Thailand Dance With MeA stunning new song and video titled “Amazing Thailand Dance with Me” has been launched by the ex-tourism minister of Thailand, Senator Weerasak Kowsurat at the Hyatt Regency Sukhumvit Bangkok. The creative genius behind this magical piece of work is British Producer Will Robinson, also known as “The Isan Project” amongst many travellers who visit Thailand.

Robinson’s music and video creations have gained immense popularity among overseas visitors, thanks to the success of his previous works such as “Thailand Amazing Thailand,” “This is the Moment,” and “Where the Eagles Fly.” According to Senator Weerasak, music, song, sound, and visual images play a vital role in leading the imagination of viewers to have a clearer understanding of places and people in each city of Thailand.

“We would like to thank Will Robinson and his co-writer along with all supporting teams for making Thailand a more favourite destination, especially creating desires to try visiting less-known destinations around the country,” said Senator Weerasak. He also expressed excitement about how music fans around the world would digest this new creativity for many years to come.

“Amazing Thailand Dance with Me” is now available for viewing on YouTube and Facebook at The Isan Project. The beautiful music and stunning visuals are sure to captivate viewers and inspire them to explore the hidden gems of Thailand. Robinson’s creative brilliance has once again brought the beauty of Thailand to life through his music and video, making it a must-watch for all who love the country and its culture.




Written by: Andrew Wood







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