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Thais are connecting through travel on Tinder

Thailand’s peak tourism season is just around the corner and as the country gets ready to welcome millions of international travellers, Thais are also getting itchy feet. From the snowy slopes of Japan to the historic cities of Europe to the cooler mountain climate of northern Thailand, over 50% of young Thai adults expect more opportunities to meet new people* as they make their travel plans.

Sunglasses, check. Tote, check. Tinder, check.

Tinder? Yes. With travel and creating gramworthy content among their top Interests, Thai Tinder Members are making Tinder their travel destination as they connect with others far and wide this travel season.

Five reasons to make Tinder your travel buddy:

1) Get Tinder Passport
The starting point for your travels is Tinder’s Passport. Once you’ve subscribed you can search by location and drop a pin on a map and start connecting with people in that location. This can really help you get ahead with your travel planning – insights from locals in the know can help you avoid the tourist traps and it can also be nice to have a friendly face on arrival in a foreign place.

2) Find your travel sidekick
Tinder Explore makes it easy to find others with similar interests and is the place to start if you’re looking for a travel partner. It’s so much more fun bouncing trip ideas off someone else and dinner is always better shared; from Foodies to Sporty to Nature Lovers, Explore can help you find like-minded people to enjoy two-up travel experiences. Don’t forget to also update your own Interests; if you’re looking to check out the local food and entertainment scene you might want to tag “Street Food” and “Bar Hopping” or if you’re looking to pamper yourself while away try tagging “Self Care”, “Mediation” and “Hot Yoga”.

3) Make your travel more authentic
Nobody knows a city better than those who live there. Whether you Passport in and chat with new connections to get the lay of the land in advance, or make connections while travelling, that local insight can make your holiday experience so much more special. From under-the-radar places the average tourist doesn’t get to see to local life, no name restaurants and authentic selfie spots only the locals know about, matching on your travels can open up a whole new travel experience. And if you keep your chats in-app then you don’t need to worry about what local chat apps people use on your international travels.

4) Vibe locally and learn the lingo
Although languages can be hard, having a little of the local lingo can be a real plus. Ask your Tinder travel buddy to give you some tips. Not only can it be useful, it will likely provide immeasurable entertainment for your new travel partner as they watch you slip and slur around their language. If you play your cards right, you may end up with your personal interpreter for the duration of your travels!

5) Open up to new possibilities
Tinder enables you to connect with people all over the world and while most often used as a dating app, not every connection you make or person you meet will lead to a romantic relationship. Young Thai adults want to “see where things go” in their dating journey and travelling with Tinder can open up new possibilities. Take this opportunity to meet people you normally wouldn’t, connect over similar (or different) interests, share your travel stories, your culture and highlights from home, you may make lifelong connections and build a network for future travel adventures.

To make Tinder the best travel wingmate possible, spend some time to create and maintain the perfect Tinder travel Bio, and update yourself on the latest features. Here are some tips:

  • Before you set off, pin where you plan to go and once there, pin your next destination. Others can see your travel plans and it’ll help to find travel mates that aren’t too far away.
  • Include photos in your Bio of yourself travelling or doing something adventurous.
  • Update your Interests to reflect your travel passions.
  • Make sure you’re photo verified – it tells others you are who you say you are.
  • Keep your Bio updated during your travels and share some of your travel experiences.
  • Be honest with those you match, if you’re looking for a travel partner and want to keep things platonic, then be clear upfront.
  • Stay on the app as you travel and meet new people. And before you set off, don’t forget to check out the Safety Center – safety goes hand-in-hand with fun!

Explore new places this travel season with Tinder.

*A survey of 1000 18-25 year old singles in Thailand commissioned by Tinder and carried out 26/04/2022 – 08/06/2022.

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