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Thais can now rediscover Thailand through Airbnb

In celebration of Family during Songkran, Airbnb is offering a free trip within Thailand
Airbnb, the global end-to-end travel platform, today announced the launch of a local campaign to celebrate the deeper meaning of Songkran (13th to 15th April 2019). Songkran is known to be a time spent with families and Airbnb wants to help families come together and experience Thailand’s unique hospitality during this period by rediscovering the different “personalities” of various cities.

With Thailand’s tourism continuing to grow rapidly and making up 20% of the country’s GDP, there’s never been a better time to become a traveller in your own backyard. This is aligned with the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) promotion of 55 secondary provinces and Thailand as a family destination for both domestic and international tourists.

Win an Airbnb Stay and Experience!

Airbnb is running a competition to give four winners and their families the chance to select a local destination for a trip together in 2019. Each winning family will get a chance to travel to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Saraburi or Phuket, where they will get complimentary flights, free 4D3N Airbnb accommodation and up to three Airbnb Experiences.

To win a trip for your family (up to five guests), simply go to the campaign page (http://th.airbnb.com/s/songkranthailand) before 20th April:

1. Select the destination of your choice – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Saraburi or Phuket.
2. In 800 characters or less, explain the choice of your destination for your family in a creative way.
At a time of their choosing within the year (2019), four winning families will then experience hospitality in an Airbnb home and have the chance to learn from local experts about their passions through immersive, handcrafted Airbnb Experiences.

Rediscovering Thailand and the Different “Personalities”

Songkran is one of the most celebrated festivals in Southeast Asia, where more and more locals and travellers are turning to Airbnb for unique and authentic accommodations during the festival period. As compared to last year, there was an increase of almost 50% in guest arrivals to Thailand during the Songkran period.

Thailand is a destination that never fails to surprise and delight: top destinations for Airbnb guests this year include Bangkok for its dizzying and magical city scape, Chiang Mai for its luscious greenery and cultural richness, Saraburi for its understated scenery and adventure, and Phuket for its design-driven architectural villas and relaxing hospitality.

All through the year, local Airbnb Homes and Experiences hosts enjoy sharing

(https://th.airbnb.com/s/songkranthailand) the Homes and Experiences for locals to rediscover their own country. Some Airbnb homes and Experiences include exploring the city’s unseen Chinatown, which was touted “The Most liked Airbnb Experiences on Instagram in 2018”.

Mike Orgill, General Manager of Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan says, “We are reimagining local travel by inspiring a connection between Thai hosts and local travellers looking to rediscover their backyard throughout the year. ”

Orgill continues, “Major events like Songkran also bring huge economic benefits to locals and small business owners. 75% of Airbnb homes are typically outside of tourist hotspots, allowing the tourism dollars to be felt by local Airbnb hosts that open their homes, and also the local shops that surround these Airbnb homes.”

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