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Thaiwatsadu expands presence with ‘Thaiwatsadu x BnB Home Phuket Chalong’, serving demand for construction across Phuket and welcoming the booming tourism sector.

CRC Thaiwatsadu Co., under Central Retail, reinforces economic recovery in 2023 with the launch of Thaiwatsadu x BnB Home Phuket Chalong as the 69th branch and the third branch in the province, providing access to services across southern Phuket. The new branch is a hybrid format, covering a space of 24,000 square metres with two floors of service, combining Thaiwatsadu and BnB Home to offer a comprehensive selection of products and services.

The launch of this branch will reinforce the recovery of the economy and the tourist industry, securing Thailand’s position as the leading tourist destination on a global level.

Mr. Suthisarn Chirathivat, Chief Executive Officer of CRC Thaiwatsadu Co. Central Retail commented, “In 2023, there are many signals of the construction and retail estate industry recovering. In the first quarter of the year, Thaiwatsadu has launched 3 new branches, including Thaiwatsadu x BnB Home Rangsit Klong 4, Thaiwatsadu Kamphaeng Phet and Thaiwatsadu Korat Hua Thale, along with plans to launch more branches to better serve customers across every region. With the most recent launch of Thaiwatsadu x BnB Home Phuket Chalong, which is considered the 69th branch and the third branch in Phuket. Phuket currently has Thaiwatsadu branches in Amphoe Thalang and Mueang Phuket District, in which both branches have served the needs of the customers and businesses in the area well needs through its products and expert services. As Phuket is considered a key tourist destination, the reopening of the city has also signalled the return of construction demand across the province, fuelled by mega-projects and new construction trends. 

“Phuket is known for its beautiful beaches and is a key destination for global tourists. As Thailand fully reopens its borders to travellers, it has stimulated economic recovery and the lively tourism industry in Phuket. Especially for the hospitality sector that is undergoing speed recovery, many hotels are adapting its business to meet the demands of modern travellers by renovating and expanding its spaces to serve the increasing number of guests.
These contributing factors have directly impacted the demand for construction and home decoration materials for contractors in the province, providing positive signals for the upcoming launch of Thaiwatsadu x BnB Home Phuket Chalong. The branch, covering a space of 24,000 square metres, is in Tambon Chalong, which is the centre where tourists go on sailing tours in southern Phuket with the surrounding area hosting a total of 170,000 community households. This hybrid format is the combination between Thaiwatsadu and BnB Home, which offers a comprehensive selection of products across two floors with over 37,000 construction and home decoration items at accessible prices. Thaiwatsadu plans to invest THB 340 million to launch the branch, with the goal to drive 15% profit in 2023.”

“Thaiwatsadu is confident that with the opening of this new branch, it will strengthen its business as Thailand’s number one constructions and home materials brand. With the launch of every new branch, the company will also create hundreds of employment opportunities for the surrounding neighbourhoods, providing sustainable opportunities for growth in the local community. Thaiwatsadu also has other community support initiatives, including the support of the surrounding hospitals and schools in the province, empowering medical and educational potential and efficiency, which aligns with Thaiwatsadu’s business philosophy,” concluded Mr. Suthisarn.

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