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The Aspen Tree Advises Retiring Border Police across Thailand on Happy Retirement

The Aspen Tree, an expert in holistic care for older adults under the concept of “A Community for Healthy Living and Lifetime Care”, organized the “Happy Life in Retirement” seminar to help 800 border police plan a happy, fulfilling retirement through physical, mental, and financial well-being while adjusting to the “New Normal”, at The Zign Hotel in Pattaya, Chonburi.

This seminar brought together 3 expert speakers. Mr. Taweesook Thammasak, an investment advisor at DTGO Corporation Limited, spoke on sustainable financial management. Mr. Jatupol Chompoonich (Ajarn Shane), the famous speaker and health advisor, shared insights on psychological well-being in retirement. Ms. Wipattra Totemchokchaikarn, a Foresight Researcher at the Future Tales Lab by MQDC, a futurology center, presented on healthy lifestyles for older adults.

Mr. Thammasak, an investment advisor at DTGO, said that border patrol officers must ensure their financial security in retirement through proper pension management.

“Many retirees are interested in financial investments so should carry out in-depth research as every investment has risks. All retirees must also carefully allocate their income and expenses. Many of you still have debts to pay and should avoid unnecessary spending,” he said.

Mr. Jatupol Chompoonich (Ajarn Shane), the famous speaker, emphasized connection with the community and society to create a bright and energetic mindset for older adults.

“Older adults who are part of the community or society, engaged in activities with other generations, can continue to contribute to society and those around them, giving them pride and a sense of their own worth,” he said.

Ms. Wipattra Totemchokchaikarn, a Foresight Researcher at FutureTales Lab by MQDC, recommended that retired border patrol officers pay attention to diet and exercise to reduce health issues.

“Some older adults may face conditions such as Alzheimer’s or diseases of aging. But we can all contribute to our own well-being by maintaining our health through choosing healthy foods and being disciplined about exercise. If we are already in good physical health, our mental health will be strong and ready to cope with the changes in retirement. Both environment and our daily schedule help us adjust to society around us happily,” she said.

The Aspen Tree is an expert in holistic well-being for older adults, developed by MQDC. The Aspen Tree holds an annual life planning seminar to help border patrol police across Thailand adjust their daily lifestyles after retirement.

Ms. Hye June Park, President of The Aspen Tree, said: “‘Happy Life in Retirement’ is in its second year of giving useful tips to border police across the country. It is a way to thank them for devoting themselves to protecting the country along its borders, sometimes spending decades away from their families.

“Financial security, social engagement, and a healthy lifestyle will be 3 key issue for the country as it enters an aging society. By 2040, 1 in 4 Thais will be 65 or over.

“The Aspen Tree aims to provide the most beautiful chapter in life for all older adults. We strive to design lifestyles that create sustainable happiness for retirees, with health, happiness, and financial security. It also inspires change in Thailand for an aging society,” she said.

The Aspen Tree has partnered with Baycrest, a world-renowned eldercare center in Canada, to create a high-quality community for older adults in Thailand based on its evidence-based principle.

The Aspen Tree’s first community is at The Forestias, the first urban project to provide sustainable happiness for every lifestyle in all dimensions, set in nature and with abundant ecosystems, to meet the needs of every generation of the family.

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