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The Best Wellness Experiences To Indulge In On World Sleep Day

Ever find yourself tossing and turning at night and wake up feeling exhausted? While getting a full night’s rest can be a luxury to many people, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group ensures global travellers have a good night’s sleep to prepare for a bright start of the day. In celebration of the World Sleep Day on 18th March, 2022, the Group presents a series of bespoke wellness experiences promoting sleep quality that guests should not be missed.

Fans of M.O. Exclusive Wellness Benefits

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group rolls out additional Fans of M.O. benefits now available across the group’s Spas, complimenting the F&B benefits previously launched in the menu. Fans of M.O. will receive a choice from a list of complimentary treatment enhancements when visiting the Spas*, with experiences such as:

Oriental Scalp Massage that focuses on pressure points around the scalp and neck, using our signature Quintessence oil;
Digital Finger Massage designed to release tension that accumulates in hands and wrists; and
Eye Spa featuring pressure point massage and eye opening exercises.

*Remark: the options of complimentary treatment enhancement may vary per Spa.

Mandarin Oriental, Geneva

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Recognising the importance of regenerative sleep to ensure optimum mental and physical wellbeing and strengthen the body’s immune system, Mandarin Oriental, Geneva has partnered with CENAS, a leading expert, to develop a curated experience for its guests.

The three-night Check-up with CENAS Sleep Clinic package includes a luxurious hotel experience as well as an overnight polysomnographic night test that records critical sleep parameters, such as body rhythms and movements to help identify possible sleep disorders, and a comprehensive diagnosis report designed to improve quality of sleep and life.

Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

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Indulge in a complimentary 15-minute soothing power nap with every 60-minute or 90-minute massage ritual. Amidst a rejuvenating scent of Calm Mind essential oil, guests would experience a pure bliss featuring a blend of balancing lavender, uplifting peppermint and infused with the warming effect of cajeput oil. The treatment utilises the singing bowl which produces harmonious sound waves that melt away stress and relieve tension, and is enhanced with a revitalising scalp massage to transport guests to a deep state of relaxation.

Mandarin Oriental, Milan

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The Signature Deep Sleep Treatment at Mandarin Oriental, Milan is perfect for guests who struggle to sleep, or suffer with sleep deprivation. The deeply sedating head-to-toe massage is perfect for inducing a deep sense of tranquility and a good night’s sleep, using carefully applied pressure techniques to balance the nervous system and ease an overactive mind.

Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul

The Spacation experience at the Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul offers the ultimate spa journey tailored for luxurious relaxation and rejuvenation. With the perfect sleep sanctuary created by the housekeeping with pillow menu, soundproof windows and 100% blackout curtains, guests will wake up with a quality sleep and start off their days with daily buffet breakfast for up to two people served in our restaurant with Bosphorus views.

Guests will then be pampered by enjoying a 60-minute Oriental Essence Massage, or the signature Sultan Hamam at The Spa with invigorating body scrub, foam massage and hydrating body mask to wind down from daily stress in a Turkish style.

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