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‘The Coffee Club’ showcases leadership in premium coffee with high quality ingredients and global standards, launching new coffee menus to serve modern consumers as an all-day dining café

The Coffee Club reinforces its position as the leading all-day dining café, boasting premium and great-tasting coffee where customers can choose between iced, hot and smoothie beverages with ingredients carefully curated for excellence, including premium coffee beans and milk choices to serve the diverse needs of coffee drinkers.

Service excellence is also another important focus where baristas are professionally trained, along with the use of high-quality brewing equipment that meets Australian standards to ensure customer confidence in the standards and taste of every cup of coffee at every branch. Most recently, four new coffee menu items were launched, including plant-based coffee made with grain and wheat milk for health lovers such as Iced Latte Oat Milk, Iced Cappuccino Almond Milk, Iced Cappuccino Coconut Milk and Iced Caramel Soy Milk. For those who enjoy new and unexpected flavours, there are also two additional menu options that bring many benefits and refreshment, including the Espresso Passion Tonic and Espresso Orange. The drinks can be enjoyed at the café, via delivery and Grab & Go across 31 branches throughout Thailand. The company believes the new menu will help boost sales this year and increase coffee sales by 20%, reinforcing its position as a leading all-day dining café that delivers good moments in everyday for both Thai and foreign customers.

Mrs.Nongchanok Stananonth, General Manager of The Coffee Club; a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Pcl., commented that beyond delivering excellent service and taste of diverse food and drinks as an all-day dining café, The Coffee Club is known for its expertise in coffee that has brought the brand to fame for over 30 years. Customers at The Coffee Club can choose from two types of coffee beans, including the Signature Blend imported from Australia and the Siam Blend that is homegrown in the northern part of Thailand. Coffee recipes at every branch follow the standards from Australia but were also designed to best suit the tastes of Thai customers, focusing on dark roast coffee and carefully selected ingredients to serve the needs of modern consumers. The café offers four alternative milk options for health lovers, those who are lactose-intolerant and the plant-based customer segment. Oat Milk is one of the highlight milk options at the café that is well received by customers. The Oat Milk used at is imported from Australia, which is known for its fragrant, rich and creamy taste that can bring out the flavours of coffee, which is similar to cow milk. When mixing Oat Milk with coffee, it will bring out the rich flavours of the coffee, making it one of the most popular milk alternatives instead of cow milk that can bring out the many flavours of coffee. Soy Milk is another option with a more subtle fragrance, whilst Almond Milk and Coconut Milk are great choices for those who prefer lighter flavours that are less creamy but still retain the fragrance of the milk.

Most recently, The Coffee Club launched 6 new coffee menu items with 4 plant-based options, including Iced Latte Oat Milk (145 THB), Iced Cappuccino Almond Milk (135 THB), Iced Cappuccino Coconut Milk and Iced Caramel Soy Milk (145 THB) and 2 coffee menu items mixed with fruit juice and tonic, including Espresso Passion and Espresso Orange priced at 130 THB. Customers can choose to pair their drink with the newest additions of snacks and desserts such as Cranberry Pie, Chocolate Delight Tart, Parisian Ham Brie Kraftkorn Sandwich, Filled Croissant – Yuzu, Truffle Honey Brie Croissant and Truffle Mushroom Cranberry Cruffin or choose to enjoy it with 2 of our Sweet Breakfast menu items, Pancake with Berry Homemade and Strawberry Waffle Homemade to make it a more filling meal.

The Coffee Club offers a diverse coffee menu, including options of hot, iced and smoothie beverages made from Signature Blend and Siam Blend coffee beans such as Flat White, Americano, Espresso, Affogato, Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Mocha and much more. Customers can choose to enjoy the coffee with caffeine or decaf and add on additional coffee shots, syrups, whip cream or even ice cream.

“The Coffee Club’s coffee sales account for 60% of total sales, which are driven by office workers and international tourists. We are confident that the new menu will help trigger sales, and we have set a growth target of 20% for coffee sales in 2022. We have also developed marketing campaigns, including promotions to drive awareness and purchase throughout the year across 31 branches in Thailand where customers can enjoy the drinks at the café, via delivery or Grab & Go, reinforcing the brand’s position as the leading all-day dining café that delivers good moments everyday for all customers,” concluded Ms. Nongchanok. 

Ms.Kunthima Phaisaort, Regional Barista Trainer at The Coffee Club revealed that The Coffee Club offers 2 types of coffee beans. The Signature Blend is a mix between Arabica and Robusta beans. The Arabica beans are imported from Brazil and Colombia and has a dark and fragrant flavour whereas Robusta beans are imported from India and gives off a more balanced flavour. The beans are then roasted at The Coffee Club factories in Australia to meet the same standards and are then packaged and transported in refrigerated containers set at a temperature of 25 Celsius, which is to retain the freshness of the beans at a consistent temperature from Australia to every branch of The Coffee Club in Thailand. The Signature Blend coffee beans are then taken for a medium roast for those who prefer their coffee not too dark with slight acidity and sweetness, which is a perfect match for Flat White, Latte and black coffees such as Americano. The Siam Blend is made from Arabica beans from Doi Mae Sarouy, Chiang Rai, which supports Thai farmers and were adapted to fit with the taste preferences of Thai consumers who prefer a dark roast with sweet and rich flavours. The Siam Blend leaves no trace of acidity and has a strong flavour that is a great fit for cappuccino and espresso drinks.

“Beyond the coffee beans and premium quality ingredients, The Coffee Club also places importance in service excellence of our staff and coffee equipment. We have a variety of standards in place, including our coffee extraction process that is set with a time limit of 30 seconds by configuring the settings of shots and performing frequent checks every 4 hours. Our coffee equipment needs to undergo maintenance checks, including the coffee grinder and water filter system. Every barista at The Coffee Club also undergoes training that meet the same standards in Australia, which is focused on building staff coffee expertise and skills in providing coffee recommendations to customers to help them find the perfect cup of coffee that best suit their tastes. Customers can certainly be confident in the standards in every cup of coffee at The Coffee Club,” concluded Ms. Kunthima.

For additional information, contact ‘The Coffee Club’ public relations department, call 02-365-6999 or visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thecoffeeclubthailand  or the website https://thecoffeeclub.co.th/

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