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The Perfect “Tropical Sunset” Afternoon Tea at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Situated in the countryside of Mae Rim valley, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is perfectly located within close proximity of the region’s best fruit and vegetable farms. As leaders in sustainable practices in Thailand, these farms provide the highest quality of produce that make for perfect experiments in Executive Pastry Chef Yanisa Wiangnon’s kitchen.

“We source passion fruit, mango, longan and lychees within minutes of the Resort. Our partnerships with small scale farmers give us an opportunity to truly focus on the quality of produce,” shares Yanisa, who has created a delectable new afternoon tea menu using the freshest tropical fruits. With no added colours or flavouring, each dish is brought to life with the perfect pairing of textures, giving guests a true taste of Thailand’s tropical bounty.

An Ode to Thailand

Starting off with the sweet-tangy passionfruit Sorbet, Yanisa then showcases how savoury and fruit combine in recipes such as salmon souffle with young coconut and mango shrimp roll. “I like to bring Thailand’s traditions to the fore in my recipes,” she smiles. “Spring rolls are such a favourite here – the sweet and spicy flavours of the mango shrimp roll are just the perfect ode.” The souffle too, is inspired by the Thai hor-mok – light and fluffy, best when eaten hot-out-of-the-oven.

Is It a Longan or a Lychee?

Often mistaken for each other, longans and lychees have very distinct flavours. Yanisa’s scones made with longans and mini cakes with lychees truly bring out the flavour of each of these tropical fruits. “The longan’s chewy sweetness with clotted cream or the organic Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai strawberry jam is a must-try,” she grins. The mini cakes on the other hand, are shaped like lychees and served with white chocolate mousse and lychee confiture, satiating any lychee craving one may have.

Rambutan or Durian – What’s Your Pick?

The rambutan panna cotta is all about the texture: the smooth, velvety cream holds up in a spoon but melts in the mouth, while the rambutan on the top adds that perfect sweet and juicy flavour. For the bold and out-there, Yanisa’s signature durian salted cheese tart is recommended. It’s not just any durian that this expert pastry wiz uses. “I selected durian mhon-thong for its rich and sweet flavours,” she explains, “Don’t worry about the smell, go for the flavours – if you are looking for something not-too-sweet, then this should be your pick.” Topped with salted egg, these tarts surprise with a medley of flavours and textures to end the afternoon.

“I love using tropical fruits in my desserts as they naturally lend the warmth, sweetness and sour flavours that make for a perfect pastry,” shares Yanisa. “Come try these exotic flavours and more, overlooking the lush tropical paddies and enjoy that perfect ‘tropical sunset’ with us.”

Tropical Sunset afternoon tea is available from 1:00 to 5:00 pm daily. To reserve the best seats on the deck of Khao by Four Seasons to enjoy this experience, call 66 53 298 181 or email fb.chiangmai@fourseasons.com

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