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The Royal Paragon Hall unveils its achievement of more than 100 events this year and an 80% booking line-up for next year, aiming to expand the business to more than just an outstanding venue.

The Royal Paragon Hall, one of Thailand’s leading event venues, is honoured to have had more than 100 events held at the Royal Paragon Hall in 2019, as well as having a booking line-up of 80% for next year. Despite these already great achievements, the Royal Paragon Hall continues to work hard on new business development to reach its next milestone of being more than just an event venue. Mr. Talun Theng, Managing Director of the Royal Paragon Hall, said: “In 2019, the Royal Paragon Hall has organized more than 100 events, in which the main event revenue categories are Exhibition, Concert and Entertainment at 63% – the segment market that we have mostly focused on – and the other 37% comes from events in the Meeting, Banquet and Special Event categories. Furthermore, International Events have increased approximately 60% compared to last year, especially due to our focus on market expansion to foreign customers. It is considered to be the next milestone for the organization.”

“For the business plan in 2020, international marketing plans will especially be focusing on foreign customers from Indian and Chinese mainland markets as, according to the statistics from The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), Thailand has the most Chinese and Indian MICE travellers (up to 122,426 travellers and 40,492 travellers, respectively). Therefore, it is important to focus on meeting the venue needs of this group of customers, while still maintaining the Thailand market as our main target audience. We will continue to promote our marketing campaigns through various channels to reach local organizers. Our service is the key strategy to attract customers and the team positioning is more than just a service provider for a general event venue. Our team works closely with customers as consultants and are ready to support customers to provide the best experience for their needs. We feel that the dedication of our exceptional team is the reason that, this year, there were 73% repeat customers who returned to use our venue.”

“In addition, communication strategies have been shifted to digital media: we have increased online communication with LINE@ as Royalparagonhall; our new E-Magazine has replaced the print media Newsletter and; all local Signage was transformed into Digital Signage in order to increase the opportunity for more growth. The Royal Paragon Hall has expanded its services with a full team of, not just organizers but also, contractors. We have been appointed as the organizer of The Diplomatic Red Cross Bazaar for more than 10 years, and have been contracted as the booth builder for the HR Tech event, the Thailand Post exhibition “the Royal Coronation”and, we were recently assigned as the booth contractor for Pattaya City at IT & CMA 2019”.

“Our growth is also partly due to the strength of the location of the Royal Paragon Hall, located in the heart of Bangkok making it the most convenient venue for traveling. It is also the venue that responds to a wide range of target groups with complete facilities to support their varied needs. The awarded ISO 22301 standards relating to Business Continuity Management Systems, ISO 20121: 2012 Event Sustainability Management System and the TIS standards 22300 relating to the Security Management System Requirements for Meeting Incentive Convention and Exhibition (MICE), are a guarantee of our standards and help build trust with customers. As growth and customer satisfaction are our continued goals, there are upcoming development plans in 2020 for all 3 major systems so we can increase our efficiency more than ever.”, said Mr Talun Theng.

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