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Toast to a Healthier Year of The Tiger with Selected Non- and Low-alcohol beverages from Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

After weeks of festive celebrations, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and its award-winning restaurants and bars have created bespoke non- and low-alcohol beverages that do not sacrifice flavour to kick off a healthier start of Year of Tiger.

Here is an array of the best non- and low-alcohol beverages from the hotels:

MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

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As the winner of Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2021 Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award, MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore is best known for bespoke and innovative creations inspired by regional flavours and aromas. MO Bar debuts a new menu which features a variety of refreshing mocktails such as the “LAKESIDE”, inspired by the team’s recent travel to Sri Lanka and made of home fermented Sri Lankan black tea kombucha infused with Ginger and lemongrass.

For a light booze on a night out, the MO Bar has curated a selection of low-ABV inspired by Asian festivities to spirit your mind away while travel is still restricted. There is the “FULLMOON”, inspired by the first full moon during harvest season in Korea, using wheatgrass and pandan infused Rum paired with pear and fresh lime juice; or the “HOLI”, inspired by the famous ancient Indian festival of colours and love, with a twist on a classic gin sour made with buttermilk and Indian spices.

Bamboo Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

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Crowned with The Best Bar in Thailand Award, sponsored by Bellino in the Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2021, The Bamboo Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok has grown in status and reputation to become a beloved Bangkok institution frequented by jazz lovers from around the world. Inspired by the wealth of picturesque islands surrounded by crystal clear water and a wealth of tropical fruits, the award-winning mixologist team created “Cool Cucumber” with pineapple juice, cucumber soda, passionfruit, coriander syrup and coconut water. Sip on the Cool Cucumber and be transported to a secluded getaway to an island in Thailand to watch the world pass by.

Tapas Molecular Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

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The Michelin-starred Tapas Molecular Bar takes guests on an exquisite mocktail paring experience, with the theme of “creation, freedom, evolution”. The bartender doesn’t focus on only balancing creations with food, but also provides full originality in a mocktail that is not bound by conventional standards. Some of the signature mocktail includes “Louis Moederer”, a sparkling mocktail that reminiscent of champagne with a refreshing taste of pear & lychee tea and Osmanthus syrup, to pair with savory donuts or scallop ceviche. For a spicy meal such as egg masala or Peking foie gras, the team recommends the “Fleecy Clouds”, an original tropical lassi made of pineapple and guava juice, coconut water and syrup and topped with a fluffy cloud made of yoghurt foam to cool the burn with this refreshing mocktail.

In addition to the mocktail pairing, the four sommeliers at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo has created an original non-alcoholic wines for guests to pair with their culinary delights. The 3-Glasses Crafted Alcohol-Free Wine Set includes a non-alcoholic rose sparkling with peach puree, inspired by Bellini cocktail; a white wine with white grape, chamomile, citrus, herbs, ginger and rock salt that creates a refreshing taste with elegant acidity and touch of minerality like white wine; and red wine with black grape, pu-erh tea and six types of spices that reminiscent of Syrah which is best known for its spiciness and fruitiness.

MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental Wangfujing

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MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental Wangfujing, Beijing is a favorite haunt of the capital’s sophisticated nightlife aficionados since its opening in March 2019. From sunset over the Forbidden City and into the early hours, MO Bar features live DJs, signature cocktails and tasty bites. Guests can choose from the latest mixologist-created drinks, reflecting the characteristics of Beijing’s culture, music and lifestyle. As one of the pioneers, MO Bar respects and embraces the choice of not consuming alcohol, special created non-alcohol drinks that are just as good as alcoholic ones with molecular mixology techniques used such as fermentation, distillations and liquid clarification in the creation and producing process.

The non-alcoholic “MOgroni”, a mixture and inspiration of ‘Mocktail’ and ‘Negroni’, is an exquisite blending of Seedlip Spice 94, Seedlip Grove 42, Campari syrup, Chazalettes vermouth rosso distillate. Using Seedlip, the most well-known non-alcoholic spirits brand, MOgroni presents the flavors of gin, campari and vermouth, is delicate, coupled with the strong aromatics mixed of citrus, cardamom and herbal taste followed by depth of bitterness which is quite complex.

MO Bar at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

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Have a sip of a quali-tea drink at MO Bar of The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong to wind down in the bustling city. “The Pineapple & Chamomile Sling” on MO Bar tea tox menu is a pineapple and chamomile cold infusion honey with a gentle note of apple and a mellow, honey-like sweetness, leaving a silk mouthfeel and yet remains a clean, delicately floral herbal tea with stone fruits and citrus.

The Aubrey at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

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The Aubrey is an eccentric Japanese izakaya experience with a sweeping views of Victoria Harbour, the all-day drinks and dining space is the go-to for a drink anytime of the day. The Aubrey’s eponymous “The First Move” low-alcoholic cocktail is a smooth aperitif to commence with, featuring revitalising notes of Jasmine, Shiso and Citrus. Shaken and double strained the ingredients to serve in a collins glass and garnished with fresh purple shiso, and kampai.

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