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Top Cloud Service Provider Huawei Propels Thailand to Full-Scale Cloud Adoption in 2023 with Local Availability Zones and Robust ‘Cloud Developer’ Ecosystems

Strengthening ICT infrastructure in Thailand, especially cloud technologies, has always been one of Huawei’s main business goals. As a global tech company that provides industry-leading cloud services in Thailand, Huawei brings world-class cloud platforms to organizations of all sizes across all industries to expand their business capabilities and help them become leading players in the national, regional, and global marketplace.

Huawei is particularly well-equipped to provide high-performance cloud services that suit all manner of business needs thanks to local availability zones and their various teams of technical experts who deliver superior and comprehensive customer experiences. This year, Mr. David Li, the newly appointed Chief Executive Offer of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., announced that Huawei will propel comprehensive full-scale cloud services in Thailand to facilitate digital transformation for more Thai customers. Huawei will stand tall in their commitment to ‘Leave no one behind’ and will continue to support local Thai businesses of all sizes along every step of the way on their digital transformation journey.

Mr. David Lithe new ‘Chief Executive Officer’ of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., emphasized the strategic directions needed to drive Thailand towards full-scale digital cloud platform adoption: “Huawei has continuously invested in the cloud business group to build a solid foundation for Thailand’s ICT infrastructure and to ensure that businesses in different industries, including Thai government agencies, will sustainably evolve and advance

toward digital transformation. In 2022, Huawei launched its third Availability Zone in Bangkok, reinforcing its leadership position as the only cloud service provider that owns Availability Zones in Thailand. On top of that, Huawei is the only firm that fully complies with Thailand’s privacy and data protection requirements.”

In addition to maximizing ICT infrastructure investments, Huawei has been continuously developing Thailand’s digital talent pool with cloud literacy. Last year, Huawei organized ‘Spark Ignite 2022’ for Thai startups to help them exceed their potential and turn their ambitious ideas into fully realized innovations for the global marketplace. The contestants had the opportunity to adopt various advanced technologies, including Huawei Cloud, to elevate their products and services. In 2020 to 2021, Huawei organized the ‘HUAWEI CLOUD Developer Contest Thailand’, a cloud developer competition designed to upskill the Thai ICT workforce at all levels. Huawei also hosted the ‘Huawei Developer Competition 2022’ and invited skilled developers from across Thailand and five regions around the world to create innovative solutions using advanced technologies while simultaneously fostering a thriving cloud ecosystem. To date, Huawei has provided innovative cloud technologies to help accelerate the growth of more than 1,700 startups in Thailand and has equipped more than 1,200 Thai organizations with secure and reliable cloud services, whilst also supporting more than 300 local partners from 15 industry sectors. In addition, Huawei Cloud fully complies with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), as well as privacy laws and regulations, and is committed to protect customers’ data to the highest standard.

In Thailand, HUAWEI CLOUD has helped many industries, including banking, retail, media, and Internet, achieve digital transformation. Currently, seven of Thailand’s top ten enterprises and four of Thailand’s top five banks have chosen HUAWEI CLOUD. In Thailand, HUAWEI CLOUD has unique advantages in local AZa, local payment, and local O&M. It promotes the concept of “in Thailand is Thailand”. Provide cloud native, artificial intelligence, data intelligence, audio and video, and collaborative office under the epidemic to customers, partners, and developers of thousands of industries through cloud services, making intelligence ubiquitous and innovation within reach.

In 2023, Huawei aims to serve the tech job market with 20,000 skilled cloud software developers. They will bring expertise in cloud technologies, AI, and 5G through strategic partnerships with leading universities, associations, and organizations to further increase business opportunities for SMEs. Furthermore, Huawei will proactively strengthen the cloud ecosystem in Thailand through ‘Cloud First’ and ‘Everything as a Service’ strategies by providing cloud services for infrastructure to unlock equal opportunities for all business groups, including startups. Simultaneously, Huawei will upskill ‘Cloud Developers’ through strategic collaborations with both the public and private sector by providing knowledge sharing and skill-set training programs as well as hands-on experience with cloud technologies, storage management, Big Data, AI, and various digital skills for digital workforces in remote areas. Ultimately, Huawei aims to reskill and upskill more than 50,000 Thai developers to become proficient in cloud technologies within three years. Finally, to build on the success of ‘Spark Ignite 2022’, Huawei will accelerate Thai startup growth through program invitations and will share its technological expertise to help develop greater skills and knowledge as well as to support the exponential growth of startups by providing strategic approaches on target market strategies that will lead to business expansion and competitiveness.

In line with Huawei’s commitments and business goals of providing cloud services to elevate ICT infrastructure standards, upskill local digital talents that economies need, and improve competencies to match the regional labor market, Huawei is confident in their aim to build a thriving cloud ecosystem in Thailand and help drive a fully connected ‘Intelligent Thailand’ into the digital era.

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