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Tops collaborates with Tattoo Colour to connect the brand with consumers anywhere, anytime with a new song, “Every Day”, inviting everyone to enjoy new extraordinary experiences every day

Tops, food business under Central Retail, continues to introduce extraordinary experiences to its customers and make its brand image contemporary and relevant to all generations. With music marketing, Tops partners with a favorite pop band Tattoo Colour to introduce a new song “Every Day” to bring happiness and entertainment to the shopping experience.

The fun pop song is fun with catchy lyrics that reflect the brand DNA of Tops under the concept of Every Day DISCOVERY, reaffirming its position as the leading food retailer with new experiences to offer always. 

As a leading food retailer, Tops never stops, introducing new strategies to offer another level of experience to bring happiness to its customers always. Recently, it has launched another fun experience, introducing Nine Naphat Siangsomboon as its first brand ambassador to make the brand image more modern and the brand experience relevant to target consumers, so that they can get to know the ran through various aspects. This time, Tops is using music marketing strategy, working with Small Room music label and inviting Tattoo Colour, a leading Thai pop band to write and sing a signature song for Tops. “Every Day” is a song that gives a special feeling in every note and every word, as a special gift to customers. The song invites everyone to discovery special experiences every day at Tops, true to the concept of Every Day DISCOVERY. Using music as a medium will bring consumers closer to Tops through a song, which is a powerful tool that can reach consumers of all ages.

The song ‘‘Every Day” is created by Tops with Tattoo Colour, a well-known and well-liked band, famous for their unique music style. The communication through their music can easily and quickly reach consumers, expanding the customer base, especially the new generation.
Tattoo Colour represents the new generation and portrays the experience at Tops through fun and easy-to-understand music which will create recognition and reflect Tops’ brand DNA. Customers can discover new things that are not available anywhere else at Tops, and start a great day at Tops, which has many locations nationwide, with more than 45,000 products and ingredients from the best sources around the world, with customized services through Personal Shopper that allows customers to shop anywhere seamlessly on its omnichannel platforms.

“We believe that music will be with our customers anywhere, anytime, and create a positive experience and memory every day. The song ‘Every Day’ comes from our intention to present our character through music so that our customers can remember our image in a new way. We offer special experiences every day as the ultimate Food Discovery & Destination, making every shopping experience at Tops more extraordinary than ever.”

Tops brings happiness through music with “Every Day” as a gift to our customers. Enjoy a new and extraordinary experience nationwide and join a TikTok Dance Challenge to win a gift voucher worth 500 baht, 10 prizes in total, by following 10 TopsThailand TikTok account, and record yourself dancing to the song “Every Day”, with hashtags #TopsDanceChallenge #EveryDayDISCOVERY #Tops in the caption. Post the clip on your TikTok account and set the post to public. The posts with the most Likes will be the winners. Join this activity from today to March 31, 2023.

For more details, visit www.tops.co.th, Facebook TopsThailand, LINE @TopsThailand, and Tiktok TopsThailand.

#TopsDanceChallenge #EveryDayDISCOVERY #Tops

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