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Tops Daily Shakes Up Retail with New Franchise!

Tops daily, a business under Central Retail, expands its reach and presence through the franchise business, penetrating the mini-supermarket market while showcasing four strengths to make a difference. These strengths include: 1) Low Investment, quick returns, good profit, and guaranteed income: with an investment starting from 1.07 million baht, guaranteeing monthly income of 60,000 baht, and quick return on investment within two years; 2) Franchise business for everyone: opening opportunities for those interested in investing, whether with a small or large capital, enabling collective growth together;
3) Assured success with robust potential: backed by Tops daily, boasting its high same store sales growth, and a diverse range of products; and 4) Opportunities to join forces as business partners with Central Food Retail, Thailand’s leading food retailer: offering continuous support throughout the business operation process, with a professional training team and financial partner, the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME D BANK), providing credit support with special conditions for interested individuals. Setting a goal to expand Tops daily franchise rights to 45%, up from the previous 30% of all branches, franchise applications are now open.

Ms. Maytinee Phisutsinthop, Chief Operating Officer (Small Format), Central Food Retail under Central Retail, stated, “To further propel our success as a Growth Engine for the business, we are implementing a strategy to lead the supermarket retail business in all formats, catering to every customer segment. Following our 5-year strategy for Tops Daily, a subsidiary of Central Food Retail under Central Retail, we aim to contribute to a stronger Thai economy and provide financial stability for Thais across the nation. We are creating business opportunities for entrepreneurs of all sizes, genders, and ages. This includes the dynamic new generation seeking career stability and existing entrepreneurs looking for growth opportunities. We offer a chance to be part of a successful business partnership within Central Food Retail, Thailand’s leading food retailer with proven expertise in the industry. With a joint goal to deliver the best shopping experience to customers and offer a diverse range of products, this is the foundation of our business expansion strategy. The full launch of the ‘Tops daily Franchise’, with a model that offers options for both low and high investment formats, will provide financial stability and strength to everyone’s profession and business. This franchise is developed to allow all Thais to grow together with Tops daily while contributing to the sustainable stability of the country’s economy.”

The ‘Tops daily Franchise’ is introduced with conditions designed to offer long-term business stability to aspiring business owners and investors looking to expand their businesses. The four key strengths include:

  1. Low Investment, Quick Returns, Good Profit, and Guaranteed Income: The Tops daily franchise is divided into 2 models. Franchise model 1 is for individuals who own or have ownership rights to land/buildings larger than 200 square meters for more than 9 years, requiring an investment of 4-6 million baht, with guaranteed monthly income of 150,000 baht for the first 24 months of the contract. Franchise model 2 is for individuals without land ownership rights but interested in managing existing Tops daily stores, requiring an investment starting from 1.07 million baht, with guaranteed monthly income of 60,000 baht for the first 24 months of the contract.
  2. Franchise for Everyone: Tops daily welcomes investors from all groups, covering individuals who dream of owning a stable long-term business and entrepreneurs seeking business growth opportunities. Interested parties are encouraged to join the Tops daily franchise family under the defined conditions.
  3. Success Assurance with Strong Potential: Currently, Tops daily boasts a total of 515 branches, ever since the transformation from Tops daily to Joy-venience Store, embodying the concept of Every Day for Everyone, a hub of happiness ready to deliver great experiences to customers every day, it has been found that customers expressed positive feedback, as reflected in the high same store growth rate. In addition to offering quality products reflecting expertise through the Tops DNA, with over 6,000 SKUs covering imported goods, exclusive brands, daily essentials, and Eat-Now-Eat-Later products, Tops daily distinguishes itself by being a leading food retailer committed to instilling confidence in potential franchisees.
  4. Opportunities to Collaborate as Business Partner with Thailand’s Leader in Food Retail, Central Food Retail: Tops daily strengthens opportunities for everyone to be part of the Central Food Retail business, a leader in Thailand’s food retail industry with extensive experience and expertise. By focusing on customer needs and fostering mutual value creation among people, communities, and society, everyone has the chance to grow together.

Furthermore, Tops daily instils confidence in franchise investors by providing support from banking partner, the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME D BANK). This support includes financial planning and investment consultation, as well as consideration for franchise investment loans specifically for Tops daily franchises. These loans offer a maximum loan of over 5 million baht, with interest rates starting from MLR -1.25%, repayment terms of up to 12 years, and a maximum principal repayment holiday period of 6 months. Additionally, Tops daily collaborates in developing financial products tailored to investors of all kinds, continuously adapting to their evolving needs.

Moreover, Tops daily offers consistent assistance and support throughout the contract period, with professional training teams from the initial stages onwards. Services include product inspection, IT, accounting system consultation, logistics, as well as sales promotion and public relations campaigns to foster exponential growth, ensuring the achievement of set objectives.

“The recruitment of Tops daily franchises aims to increase the franchise proportion to 45%, up from the previous 30% of all branches, supporting the continuous expansion of the mini-supermarket business in Thailand, which still shows continuous growth trends. Besides offering opportunities to create stable business growth and to foster business growth stability for those interested in investing, both small and large, it also provides opportunities to be part of the Central Food Retail business. This not only makes Tops daily a central ‘hub’ for the community, with community members owning Tops daily, but also fosters strong community connections. This brings Tops daily closer to customers’ daily lives, offering opportunities to present experiences that cater to diverse lifestyles, in line with the ‘Food Experience for All’ vision. It also serves as another mechanism to drive sustainable growth in the Thai economy,” concluded Ms. Maytinee.

Those interested in investing in the Tops daily franchise can inquire for details starting today at +66 2 836 5999 # 804-807 or e-mail TopsdailyFranchise@central.co.th. For more information, visit the website https://topsdaily.tops.co.th/.

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