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Tops market and Tops Flavor Food Court respond to Department of Internal Trade to help lower cost of living for Thais by offering ready-to-eat dishes starting from 25 baht with great flavors, great quality and great prices

To reduce cost of living and to ensure everyone can enjoy delicious food at affordable prices, Tops market and Tops Flavor Food Court under Central Retail respond to the Department of Internal Trade’s policy to help Thai people ease their financial burden by supporting the “Filling and Affordable Ready-to-Eat Dishes” project.

Prices of ready-to-eat food are reduced so that everyone can enjoy filling and delicious food at low prices. 

  • Affordable dishes from Delica at all Tops Market such as rice with chicken and garlic at only 25 baht, rice with spicy bamboo shoots, chicken and fried egg, rice with pork krapao and fried egg, fried rice with ham, and fried rice with crab sticks at only 100 baht for three boxes.   
  • A total of 44 vendors at Tops Flavor in 15 branches of Tops Market offer affordable dishes at only 35 baht such as rice with chicken or pork krapao, rice with chicken in curry paste, fried rice with chicken or pork, rice with fried omelette, noodles with chicken, egg noodles with red pork, som tam, noodles with pork balls, noodles with gravy sauce, and Pad Thai. 

Enjoy filling and delicious dishes at affordable prices from today to December 31, 2021 at all Tops market and Tops Flavor Food Court at Tops Market Empire Tower, Rattanathibet, Rama 9, Fashion Island, Rangsit, Ramindra, Esplanade Ratchada, Kaset, Chiang Mai Airport, Srinakarin, 101 The Third Place, Samutprakan, Zeer Rangsit, and Central Sriracha.

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