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Tops partners with Thai Chamber of Commerce to continue Big Brother in the 6th year, inviting top executives to coach SMEs to strengthen their businesses with strong strategies

Tops, Thailand’s leading food retailer under Central Retail, partnered with the Thai Chamber of Commerce to support SMEs nationwide in the 6th year of Big Brother.

Top management coaches shared their business knowledge through coaching and mentoring sessions and offered tips on how to make business succeed sustainably. New platforms were recommended so that SMEs can grow effectively, in line with the project’s concept, “Expand the Possibilities”. Two top speakers shared their insight and the participating SMEs were invited to visit Central Food Hall, a world-class food store, and Jing Jai Farmers’ Market at centralwOrld.

Brian Hill, Head of Tops Tongtin, Central Food Retail under Central Retail, a modern executive who was one of the coaches who talked about his knowledge and business experience, as well as new platforms for SMEs. He said that Tops fully supports SMEs, as evident in the launch of the most complete online platform for SMEs, Tops Tongtin, under the concept of “Take Thai SME Products to the Top”. It’s the only food retail website that removes all the complexity and complications of listing products in a store, and welcomes micro and small enterprises nationwide in the food and beverage industry who are confident that their products are good, delicious, and unique. They must also be determined to make their businesses succeed and grow. They can sign up as partners of Tops Tongtin, a new platform that will offer opportunities for growth both domestically and internationally. They can have more venues to sell their products without worrying about all the complexity and funding limitations. Tops will serve as a coach to offer support and as a partner throughout the journey in order to help more than 3 million Thai SMEs develop and recover, serving as a significant driver that stimulates the Thai economy. Interested SMEs can sign up conveniently on www.topstongtin.com.

Somnuk Yoddumnern, Head of Farmers, Quality Line & Local Sourcing, Central Food Retail under Central Retail, has years of experience with Thai farmers nationwide. He said, “In addition to supporting SMEs, what Tops has done for several years is supporting Thai farmers to improve the grassroots economy, create employment and job opportunities, and generate sustainable income through directly purchasing agricultural produce from farmers in every season. The project Tops is most proud of is ”Jing Jai Farmers’ Market” which invites farmers to directly sell their produce to consumers. Now in its fifth year, there are now 32 locations in 28 provinces, generating countless opportunities for small farmers who have great products but lack venues to sell them. With Jing Jai Farmers’ Market, these farmers can support themselves and grow sustainably. Tops also serves as a coach to help them grow further by sharing retail knowledge and techniques, as well as tips on how to improve their products to meet the needs of consumers, how to manage cost, the use of natural packaging materials such as banana leaf and pandan leaf to save cost, add value and differentiate their products to make them more appealing. This modern retail support can help improve their quality of life. Today, Jing Jai Farmers’ Market is a significant model that adds value for Thai farmers and is tremendously successful. It is a role model
for farmers to come and learn about modern retail as well.

After the two top executives shared their knowledge and offered tops about sustainable business development, as well as talked about new platforms that could help generate growth, the 50 participating SMEs in Big Brother Season 6 visited the market and experienced Tops’ business in real life with coaches at Central Food Hall, a world-class food store, to inspire them to see how they can grow their own businesses, attract consumers, and list their products in stores. They also had a chance to speak to farmers at Jing Jai Farmers’ Market, a model farmers’ market where farmers can sell their local produce in a leading shopping center in the city. This experience aimed to inspire SMEs that even though their businesses are still small right now, with dedication, great opportunities await in the future, as Tops is ready to be their mentor who helps them explore new opportunities and possibilities for mutual growth. This reaffirms the company’s strategy in driving the organization through the grassroots economy, which is part of Tops’ 5-year strategies to improve the quality of life and drive sustainability in order to become the #1 Food Retailer in Thailand and Vietnam.


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