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Tops supports local SMEs to go further with more opportunities to generate sustainable income, simply by signing up on Tops Tongtin website, the first of its kind in Thailand

Tops, Central Food Hall and FamilyMart under Central Retail reaffirm the CRC Retailligence strategy which focuses on introducing new innovations for the future by launching “Tops Tongtin”, the first online platform in the food retail industry to welcome SME in the food and beverage industry to join.

Designed under the concept of “Local Goods from Great SMEs”, the platform invites micro and small enterprises nationwide to become partners so that they can upgrade their businesses and have their products sold in Central Food Retail’s stores in order to grow strongly and sustainably. SME interested in joining can easily apply on www.topstongtin.com from anywhere, anytime.

             Mr. Brian Hill, Head of Tops Tongtin, is a young executive with Thai blood, working with Central Food Retail under Central Retail. He said that currently, there are more than              3 million SMEs in Thailand, and they drive the local economy, employment, and income. To help SME grow strongly and take them to another level, as well as to offer them opportunities to grow their businesses at a greater speed through giving them more channels to sell their products, Central Food Retail has introduced Tops Tongtin. This is the first-ever platform in the food retail industry to help local SME to access retail stores more conveniently. Tops Tongtin team has been set up to seek SME in the food and beverage industry nationwide who are interested in being business partners and having their products sold at Tops, Central Food Hall, and FamilyMart across the country.

Tops Tongtin is open to SME in Thailand who want to have their food and beverage products listed. They can simply apply on www.topstongtin.com, a platform which has been designed to be user-friendly, easy and fast for businesses, without complicated steps. They can update information anytime before submission, and track their application status on the website. This reduces the issue of not having the right channels for their products. Application can be done online 24/7, meaning they do not have to waste time on the road. The platform is in line with the seamless digital era, and will help elevate Thai SME under the concept of “Local Goods from Great SMEs”. 

What makes Tops Tongtin stand out from other platforms is how it provides unique opportunities to Thai SME. If their products are selected, many wonderful opportunities and business advantages await, such as having their products stocked at Central Food Retail stores which have many different formats and nationwide presence, such as Tops Market,
Tops SUPERSTORE, Central Food Hall, Tops Daily, and FamilyMart. If the businesses are ready, they can also enter omnichannel platforms such as Tops Online and other platforms under Central Retail. Entry fees are waived so they can save a lot of cost. They can also improve their financial flow with the credit term reduced to only 15 days. They can also get advice and support on product design, applications for approval documents, marketing plans, public relations, and funding sources. The Tops Tongtin team and Local Sourcing Team are also ready to help them along their journey.

“Tops Tongtin will be a significant platform that allows Thai SME with big dreams to grow and have more access to leading retail stores in Thailand with more convenience.
We are expanding partnerships with the government sector to help support SME nationwide so that they can grow sustainably, true to Central Retail’s business commitment to make Tops Tongtin the number one platform for SME in Thailand,” said Brian.

Join Tops Tongtin today at www.topstongtin.com and get more details on Facebook: Tops Tongtin.

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