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“Touch Me” A group show at Chiang Mai’s Head High Second Floor Art Space

“Touch Me”, a group show, featuring a wide array of, Thai and non-Thai artists, will open on 11 June 2022 at Chiang Mai’s Head High Second Floor (a non-profit Art Space).

“Touch Me”, has a multi-layered meaning in English – it can be translated both literally and figuratively. The literal meaning is “to make physical contact”, while when taken figuratively, it can mean so much more. Figuratively, “Touch Me” is the act of invoking sympathy or feeling, bringing out real emotions. These feelings can be enriching, sad, or even happy. Within these range of meanings, “Touch Me” perfectly describes this upcoming art exhibition, one that explores these feelings through nudity and eroticism in art.

Nudity reveals, but also conceals and blurs, as it attracts and repels. The nude is the oldest genre of art and also the most enigmatic. To this day, the nude builds shaky bridges across the deep divide between high art and pornography. Such works know how to be both at the same time: an erotic source of inspiration and work of art. It is precisely this tightrope walk that the exhibition “Touch Me” aims to demonstrate. Various aspects of the genre will be presented, including nudity in the context of ideals, self-determination, or homosexuality. More than 14 artistic positions will be shown in the exhibition. In addition to painting, drawing and photography, video and installation will also be presented. Some works come from the Head High Second Floor collection as well.

Curated by Reinhard Kressner

11 June – 23 July 2022

Opening: Saturday, 11 June 2022, 18:00 onwards.

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