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Tourism Cares Announces New Branding & Launches a Diversity in Tourism Grant Fund

The tourism industry recognises that one of its greatest assets is the cultural diversity of the destinations and communities it promotes, yet its own workplace is not representative of that very principle. Tourism Cares, the industry non-profit with a mission to unite the travel industry and use its positive impact to help people and places thrive, is addressing this important issue by launching a Diversity in Tourism Grant Fund.

“We elicit calls to action and it was time for us as an industry changemaker to make a difference by supporting the diversification of our industry,” said Greg Takehara, CEO, Tourism Cares. “There are many voices to be heard, faces to be seen, and this fund will help to bring them to the forefront.”

Tourism Cares will award grants that directly support programs and activities that increase diversity, equity and inclusion within travel, build capacity for underrepresented markets and amplify voices representative of the entire travel and tourism industry. Eligible programs and activities include training, certification, talent development, market research, and product development. Recipients may also utilize funding to supplement costs associated with mentoring, training or academic study for professional development programs that advance and upskill individuals and/or organizations.

For more information or to contribute to the fund, visit www.tourismcares.org/grants.

Tourism Cares uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as guideposts and these goals seek to reduce inequalities, support peace and maintain sustainable communities. As leaders of travel think forward to the rebound of tourism, diversity, equity and inclusion must be at the core of their recovery strategies to implement lasting change. The travel and tourism industry needs to do its part in this regard.

Tourism Cares remains committed to create an inclusive industry with the first Diversity in Tourism grantee being the Cultural Heritage Economic Alliance, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Washington, DC, which powers the National Blacks in Travel and Tourism Collaborative (BTT). The grant will support BTT’s Black Talent Tourism Directory (BTTD).

“We are honoured to be the first recipient of the Tourism Care’s Diversity in Tourism Fund. The generous contribution will help BTT level the playing field and advance Blacks in travel and tourism through our Black Tourism Talent Directory, which is designed to match the industry with untapped Black talent,” says Stephanie Jones, Founder, Blacks in Travel and Tourism Collaborative.

The Black Talent Tourism Directory is an online platform created as a matchmaking tool for small black and brown travel and tourism businesses, professionals and students to access business, employment, internship, speaker and media opportunities in travel and tourism. Through BTTD, a series of professional development webinars will be offered to help prepare Blacks in travel and tourism to take full advantage of industry opportunities. Industry stakeholders such as DMOs, travel associations, brands and media can join BTTD as industry partners and post opportunities to match with Black talent. Industry partners’ membership also support the maintenance and sustainability of the platform as an industry resource.

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