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transcosmos expands “E-Commerce One-Stop Center Kita-Kashiwa,” its logistics base dedicated for e-commerce business by 130%

transcosmos inc. will expand “E-Commerce One-Stop Center Kita-Kashiwa,” its logistics center specifically designed for e-commerce business in January 2020 to meet the growing demand for its logistics services. transcosmos will further enhance its logistics services by April 2020 when the extended area will begin full-scale operations.

Launched in April 2014, transcosmos E-Commerce One-Stop Center Kita-Kashiwa is a logistics center designed specifically for e-commerce business. By consolidating all required functions for e-commerce business, the center delivers seamless communication across all operational functions. The center offers one-stop end-to-end services that include contact center functions such as customer support desk, order processing and after-sales services, e-commerce website development and operations, internet promotions and performance analysis, and fulfillment and logistics services. The center optimizes available information comprehensively such as product inventory data, customer data (CRM) and website access logs, thereby assisting clients in expanding their sales and streamlining operations.

By utilizing both its proprietary warehouse management system (WMC) designed for e-commerce and its excellent operations performed by well-trained warehouse staff, transcosmos logistics services offer clients “services that increase the level of satisfaction of customers who receive their products.” In addition to its high-quality services that are proven by a shipping error rate as low as 0.00056% (*), the center is equipped with automated material handling machines with a processing capacity of packing and labeling 720 items per hour. With the aim of meeting client demands that continue to grow year after year, transcosmos will expand the E-Commerce One-Stop Center Kita-Kashiwa to 4,110 tsubo from the current 3,155 tsubo.

(*) Average shipping error rate: 0.0094% (source: Japan Institute of Logistics Systems)

■ E-Commerce One-Stop Center Kita-Kashiwa basic information
Location: LOGIPORT Kita Kashiwa, 13-1 Matsugasaki Nitta, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba, Japan
Access: By train: 6 minutes’ walk from JR Jyoban line “Kita Kashiwa Station”
By car: Near National Route 16 / along National Route 6, approximately 6 km
from Kashiwa interchange on the Joban Expressway
Usable area (after extension): 4,110 tsubo
Security: ISO27001 certification
(information security managers stationed, indoor security cameras, 24/7 security guards)
Facilities / equipment: Warehouse Management System (WMS), handy terminals, automated material handling systems, shrink wrap machines, air cushion machines, etc.

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