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transcosmos releases e-commerce one-stop services based on Shopify With a new dedicated Shopify team, transcosmos becomes a certified Shopify Plus Official Partner

transcosmos inc. released e-commerce one-stop services based on Shopify, the world’s top share e-commerce platform, on April 14, 2020. To offer the services, transcosmos has set up a dedicated Shopify team and fully prepared a support framework to assist businesses in implementing Shopify or migrating to the platform from their existing websites. In addition, by combining Shopify services with various existing transcosmos services, transcosmos will provide a broader range of support services such as launching and operating e-commerce business as well as solving challenges clients may face.

Shopify, a SaaS e-commerce platform with a robust and scalable infrastructure, empowers over one million active stores across 175 countries. Shopify not only offers features necessary to launch and operate e-commerce business, but also provides different plans for businesses to choose from based on their budget and business objectives, and customization options for them that include enterprise level features. Its distinctive features also include abilities to integrate with various systems and social networking services.

■ Certified as “Shopify Plus” official partner
transcosmos and transcosmos research & development are two of the only five official partners in Japan that are certified by Shopify for achieving excellent results with “Shopify Plus,” an enterprise level of Shopify (as of April 2020).

transcosmos, in partnership with transcosmos research and development, Inc., a certified official partner of the Shopify enterprise level platform “Shopify Plus,” will help businesses implement Shopify. At the same time, the two companies will offer functions required to run e-commerce businesses at one-stop that include e-commerce system development, e-commerce website operations, marketing, order and inventory management, fulfillment and customer support.

■ Distinctive features of Shopify, the multi-channel commerce platform
① Online and offline store integration (omni-channel POS)
Shopify POS application allows businesses to manage their entire online and physical store information using a unified platform.

② Social media integration
Shopify plugins enable businesses to integrate their platform with various social networking services. By selling their products directly on Instagram, Facebook and more, businesses can increase their sales channels that will result in additional revenues.

③ Cross-border e-commerce tools
Shopify offers all kinds of payment options that are essential to drive cross-border business. In addition, Shopify offers multi-language translation and multi-currency converter features that support global expansion.

④ Dashboard
Shopify dashboard visualizes basic store performance data such as sales, orders, traffic as well as all user insight data across all sales channels that are essential for businesses to run successful marketing campaigns.

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