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transcosmos tops in number of successful examinees of Acquia Certification Program in Japan

transcosmos inc. is delighted to announce that the company has become the No.1 in Japan in terms of number of certified employees of the Acquia Certification Program run by Acquia, Inc. (Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, United States; CEO: Michael Sullivan; Acquia).

The Acquia Certification Program is a series of certification exams for “Drupal,” an open-source content management software delivered across the globe. The Acquia certifications are the trusted benchmark for validating and promoting expertise, reducing hiring risks, upgrading skills of teams, and leading projects to success. The Acquia Certification Program ensures that all certified members meet a standard bar of skills required in the entire knowledge domain.

transcosmos “DEC CMS,” its proprietary SaaS CMS deploys “Acquia,” a platform based on “Drupal.” For all “DEC CMS” implementation project, transcosmos sets up a team of Drupal developers who are certified by the Acquia Certification Program and leverages their expertise and operational know-how of Drupal that the members have gained over time. In addition, as the Acquia Certification Program ensures all certified developers keep both their knowledge of Drupal and skills on Acquia platform up to date, transcosmos has the capability to establish competence in a competitive marketplace, thereby standing out from the crowd.

■ “DEC CMS” admin screen (for illustration purposes only)

transcosmos will further enhance its partnership with Acquia and leverage the strengths each company owns. With the ultimate aim of offering a user-friendly services environment, transcosmos will accelerate the speed of developing and delivering services with a higher quality than ever before, and drive platform strategies in digital marketing in Japan based on the partnership.

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