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Traveloka Thailand launches “Xperience” for fun-loving local residents and travelers Xperience is South-East Asia’s Leading Travel and Lifestyle Activities Booking Platform

Traveloka, a leading online travel agency, or OTA, and one of the fastest growing technology companies in Southeast Asia, has launched “Xperience” in Thailand, a simple and easy-to-use platform to discover and book travel and lifestyle activities in Traveloka.

Thailand is chosen to be the first official launch of Xperience as Traveloka has successfully achieved significant growth across all its business units and has proven to be very popular among Thai and international visitors visiting the Kingdom.

Xperience allows for domestic and international travelers, and even locals who are not on vacation, to enjoy a unique experience or simply have a fun night out. With Xperience, they can easily discover and book something relaxing or elevate their time through off-to-the-beaten-path experiences in every corner of the world using Traveloka Xperience.

The categories include Attractions; Movies; Events; Entertainment; Tours; Beauty & Spa; Sports; Playgrounds; Transport, Food & Drink, Classes & Workshops, as well as Travel Essentials. Traveloka currently offers nearly 15,000 exciting inventories across various countries. Inventories in all 10+ categories are available for Traveloka users in seven countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

Xperience is available on all Traveloka interfaces, including via desktop, mobile, and App. It is designed to make your journey memorable through our tens of thousands of exciting experiences worldwide, offering an easy-to-use platform that is hassle-free and dependable;

Hassle-free, through our various and reliable payment methods that facilitate instant booking confirmation.

Dependable, because of our entry guarantee together with the 24/7 local Thailand customer support.

On top of that, Traveloka Xperience also has great deals and ‘across the board’ discounted prices that will help our customers make their dream experiences a reality.

Traveloka remains Thailand’s first and only online platform that integrates all travel-related booking services including flights, hotel accommodations, airport transport (including pick-up and drop-off services), train tickets to cities, and also tickets to any things to do, including tour package, dining, entertainment, etc. In order to provide various options for users and expand its inventories, Traveloka Xperience has built strategic partnerships with international players, for example; Cartoon Network Amazone, Universal Studios, RWS, Legoland, Disneyland, Ngong Ping, etc.

Also attending this very special occasion, Sylvia Gunawan, VP Revenue & Growth, Traveloka Xperience said, “Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia visited by travelers, as well as Traveloka’s second largest market. At Traveloka, we have a mission to empower our users to discover the world around them. And we believe that discovering the world is fulfilled when our users are able to enjoy rich and unique experiences. We are very pleased to introduce the brand new Traveloka Xperience in Thailand, which is an important and growing market for Traveloka.”

Tee Chayakul, Country Manager of Traveloka Thailand, said, “Traveloka is proud to introduce a new ‘one touch-multiple booking and pay’ product called ‘Xperience’ to better serve diverse consumers and customize and simplify their travel and lifestyle activities both within and outside Thailand.”

Users can now easily discover and book things-to-do with instant confirmation from a comprehensive range of options, from massage slots in your neighborhood areas to fun-filled multi-day trips abroad with their family. All of the bookings will be available at competitive prices, as well as providing both convenience and comfort to customers as they can pay using a variety of payment options and be sure that their bookings are instantly confirmed. To experience the excitement, users can enjoy our special promotions on Traveloka Xperience of 20% discounts by using promo code for non-Thailand and Thailand products from 17 June – 23 June 2019. Multiple payment methods are also available for Thailand users. Traveloka Thailand also partnering with the most reliable payment service providers to make sure every transaction is smooth and worry-free.

Promotion Codes valid from 17 June to 23 June 2019 are;

For Xperience outside of Thailand

XCITETIME1 – get 20% or maximum 700 baht discount for more than 3,000 baht purchase

XCITETIME2 – get 15% or maximum 400 baht discount for more than 2,000 baht purchase

For Xperience in Thailand

BEAUTYTIME1 – get 20% or maximum 600 baht discount for more than 2,000 baht purchase

BEAUTYTIME2 – get 12% or maximum 200 baht discount for less than 2,000 baht purchase

Traveloka recognizes that few travelers are experts in the destinations they travel to, and welcome any helpful input on the platform that introduces new and exciting districts to explore, sites to visit, and food to try at a wide range of destinations. Xperience fills out the complete picture by educating users about the place they want to visit and what kinds of experiences they can choose in order to have that perfect trip.

The company’s recognition by Google and Accenture as a Mobile Master Brand and the importance of easy searching for customers with Xperience is based on Findability, as this helps users quickly find the attractions they’re looking for with Traveloka’s autocomplete search function in any travel category.

“Traveloka Thailand currently partners with hundreds of product inventories in Thailand, and well above 15,000 when you include our international inventories. Xperience’s focus on everything big and small and consistently popular ensures our wider, market leading appeal to a larger and growing customer base. Xperience is for anyone who wants to discover more of the many ‘worlds’ around them. The initial response to Xperience has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to building on this momentum and continually offering more experiences worldwide tailored to individual preferences and passions,” added Mr. Chayakul.

For further information and updated promotions, go to https://www.traveloka.com/th-th/ or https://www.facebook.com/TravelokaTH

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