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Traveloka Thailand set to launch the “Now the World is Possible” campaign towards the International Travel Fair to trigger a surge in international travel

 As more countries are relaxing travel regulations and opening the borders, international travel has finally started to take place again.

Travelers are very excited yet they still have many questions on the regulations and documents requirement for international travel.In response to this, Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s lifestyle superapp, launches “Now the World is Possible” campaign as part of it’s support in restoring international travel. Through this campaign, Traveloka plays an active role in providing a wide range of international flights routes to South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, USA, United Kingdom, etc. A complete hotel inventory and best deals of Xperience also accessible for customers globally so that they can arrange their trip all-in under one platform.

Ms. Panicha Thananaken, Country Manager, Traveloka Thailand, said, “Many countries, including Thailand, were reliant on international tourism, a once-flourishing sector that has been impacted by pandemic restrictions. There have been continued efforts from the government to boost the tourism industry, starting from domestic and international travel demand after Thailand began reopening to vaccinated international travelers from 63 countries since November 1, 2021.”

“As one of the key players in the tourism sector and as part of welcoming the international reopening momentum, Traveloka Thailand, Southeast Asia’s travel & lifestyle superapp, is thrilled to launch ‘Now the World is Possible’ campaign, aiming to revive international travel by providing an end-to-end travel and lifestyle needs in one platform, making travelling easy to safe while putting safe and healthy as top priority. We are also offering a flexibility feature to cater the needs of our customers when they need to change their international travel plan, whether it is in flights, other transportation and accommodation. Customers can also choose their preference payment as we are providing a wide selection of payment methods via our platform.

Several key components of Traveloka’s commitment to revitalize international travel among Thais:

  • International Travel Page designed to showcase a curated collection of destinations open for Thais to explore, along with a complete set of travel-related offers, exciting deals, travel regulation update for those destinations, travel insurance and COVID test products for safe travel.
  • The “Now the World is Possible” campaign demonstrates the world can once again be explored, and travelers can now travel internationally with confidence.
  • International Travel Fair, the biggest and most-anticipated travel-centric fair in collaboration with our valued partners that come with special deals. The fair will run from May 25-31, 2022, and in addition to Thailand, it will also be conducted in Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines.”

“We expect a huge interest in microtrends given the 40% surge in travel-related search after borders reopened, with the resumption of quarantine-free travel for fully vaccinated visitors as of February 1, 2022. We also have seen a 100% surge in travel-related search for popular international tourist destinations which include Singapore, South Korea and the United States, as they planned to reopen their borders,” added Ms. Panicha.

To revitalize international travel, solutions will differ from country to country. But an important and common priority will be to reduce the impact of the pandemic, so countries will need to create a “new normal” for their tourism industries, which can involve diversifying and shifting to more sustainable tourism models in addition to investing in new technologies to help accelerate the recovery. In addition, social distancing and health and hygiene protocols are more likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future, while touchless service delivery and investments in digital technology could be a bridge to recovery.

“We’re increasingly seeing that more and more people are optimistic about traveling. What’s encouraging is that they are currently more confident to book their trips. As the region’s lifestyle superapp, Traveloka has pledged to provide the best-in-class solution for customers’ travel and lifestyle needs from flights, hotels, trains, buses, activities, tours, beauty, healthcare, food & delivery, financial, and much more. At Traveloka, we provide a simple and easy-to-use platform, allowing users to discover and book travel and lifestyle activities to discover the world around them and experience their ultimate dream vacations,” concluded Ms. Panicha.

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