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Monday, December 11, 2023

Trip.com Group Charts the Future of Travel at Envision 2023

Trip.com Group today showcased its vision for the future of travel at its Envision 2023 global partner conferenceThe conference was attended by about 700 industry partners globally.

Mr James Liang, Chairman of Trip.com Group, remarked in his video address: “Travel is uniqueIt not only promotes economic growth and development but also fulfils our intellectual needsTrip.com Group is dedicated to enriching the travel experience while maintaining industry responsibilityWe believe that travel, as a fundamental human need, has the power to inspire innovation, drive progress, and foster a greater sense of unity and understanding among people from around the world.”

Speaking at the conference, Trip.com Group CEO Jane Sun recapped the company’s journey, including the series of initiatives and programmes implemented in support of its partners during the past three yearsOver the years, Trip.com Group has proactively collaborated with partners across hotels, flights, vacations and attractions, supporting their efforts in serving Chinese travellers, who are among the top spenders in many markets globallyIn 2019, Chinese tourists represented 15of international spending, and postpandemic, that figure is set to grow tremendously. 

Growing Partner Value Across All Levels

Specifically, Ms Sun shared Trip.com Groups strategies in collaborating with its partners to chart the future of the travel and tourism industry.  “In recent years, Trip.com Group has strengthened our technological capabilities while, at the same time, implemented targeted strategies in various markets with the aim of connecting our partners with our usersThese include our series of BOSS Live livestream sessions, enhancements to our global airfare capabilities, the launch of our AI travel assistant TripGenie, among others.

 Today, we are wellpositioned to support our partners unlock new opportunities and expand their reach to our international customersWe will leverage our technology to strengthen the positioning and visibility of our partners and their offerings to our customers, including the highspending consumers from ChinaThe travel and tourism industry contribute significantly to global GDP and employment, and Trip.com Group will continue to utilise advanced technology and innovation to create new opportunities and growths for our partners.” 

Shaping a Sustainable Vision of Travel for the Future 

On the sustainability front, the company’s top leadership delved into comprehensive ESG strategies as well as the industry’s approach to sustainability. 

Ms Sun affirmed the promising outlook in a rejuvenated, ecoconscious landscapeShe said, In this revitalised travel industry, the opportunities ahead are immenseWe’re poised to redefine the travel landscape with our cuttingedge tech innovations, expanding partnerships, and strong investor confidenceAs we harness these opportunities, we envision a future where travel is not just thriving but is also greener and more responsibleThe horizon is bright for our partners, investors, and travellers, and together, we’ll journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future in travel.”

Thanking the partners for their support over the years, Ms Sun concluded: “Let us envision a future where travel is not just a destination, but a transformational experienceTogether, we can chart the future of travel.”

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