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Unleash Your Inner Spartan: Virgin Active’s Limit-Pushing Fitness Regimen

Physical and mental health often comes hand in hand. When it comes to improving both aspects of your health, triathlon is a great option to help strengthen your physical health and inspire you to challenge yourself and push your limits to its full potential.

An emerging trend for fitness buffs 

Triathlon is a combination of three sports that rely on physical strength; namely swimming, cycling, and running.

To compete in a triathlon, it is necessary to train and prepare the muscles for intense exercise. It also requires endurance because triathlons require a great deal of stamina. At the same time, triathlons can also be challenging for the mind because participants are required to push themselves to their limits and maintain a positive mindset to overcome both mental and physical challenges. As a result, triathlons have recently gained more attention and popularity among many groups of people, such as the new generation, working age, including celebrities, artists, and many more.

Nowadays, combo exercises are steadily increasing in popularity. These exercises include CrossFit that combines 3-4 workouts, rock climbing that requires balance and strength, and the Spartan Race, or also known as a cross-country race through various obstacles. Thus, Virgin Active is offering members exciting new endurance-based classes to prepare themselves for any upcoming races they plan to attend.

Level-based Competitions

The triathlon is a formal competition with a division by distance. Therefore, competitors can set their goals based on their performance level. Starting from the first level, which is considered the shortest distance (Sprint Distance). The Sprint Distance consists of a 750 meter swim, 20 kilometer bike ride, followed by a 5 kilometer run. This level is suitable for beginners who want to test the waters for a triathlon. The distance will then continue to double from the Sprint Distance, to the Olympic Distance, and down to the final level known as the Iron Man. In the Iron Man level, participants will have to go through 3.86 km of swimming, 180.25 km of cycling, followed by 42.2 km of running, which allow them to push their limits to the fullest.

The heart of enhancing sport performance

Regular training is a key factor in pushing the limits of sport performance. For triathlon competitions, these trainings include swimming, cycling, and running. It is also crucial that the training must be done in a safe and appropriate manner. Therefore, being under the supervision of fitness experts, and having comprehensive facilities to practice in one place is imperative. At Virgin Active, there are complete facilities and exercise equipment for members to practice all skills in one place. This includes temperature-controlled swimming pools, which is a great option for members to practice with because triathlon competitions involve many obstacles that competitors have to face, such as swimming through currents in lakes and oceans. Thus, training in a pool with a range of temperatures allows members to become accustomed to a variety of climates. There are also treadmills and spinning machines in the fitness zone to serve all members and help train for the cycling and running portions of the race. In addition, Virgin Active also offers cycling classes guided by experts, as well as a variety of other classes such as trail running and obstacle races at Siam Discovery branch and Central Westgate, as well as running classes at the 101 branch to meet all the needs of all members.

Exclusively this May, Virgin Active is joining forces with Spartan Race Thailand to turn the gym floor of Virgin Active 101 into a Community Class Workout, whereby members can join the classes free of charge to experience the ultimate exercise in true Spartan style. To further strengthen fitness discipline for members, Virgin Active is also offering a 50% discount on the first 12 weeks of their 12-month subscription for new members, under the condition that members are required to exercise at the club at least 2 times per week. For more information, visit all Virgin Active branches and online via www.virginactive.co.th and Facebook @VirginActiveThailand and Instagram @VirginActiveThailand.

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