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Vietjetair.com is the 105th airline partner to join APG IET

VietjetAir.com is the latest airline to select APG IET to increase their global sales and distribution in all main GDSs.In addition to the usual Interline agreement that allows travel agents worldwide to issue VJ flights in Amadeus, VietjetAir and APG Airlines have signed a distribution agreement to display VJ’s flights in Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan, Apollo, Travelsky, Abacus, Sirena, and also in APG’s own B2B platform APG Connect. VJ’s flights are displayed as a pseudo codeshare under A1 flight numbers and ticketable on GP stock.

Ophelie Cherdrong, APG IET Executive Product Director, commented “This is a great opportunity for both VietjetAir and APG Airlines. We’re glad to be able to help airlines, not on all GDSs, like VJ, become ticketable on GDSs and APG Connect in all countries, by loading their flights on the GDS under our own code. It’s another way that airlines can tap into new revenue streams in these challenging times.”

APG Airlines has implemented 3 other airlines to its IET programme this quarter despite the current COVID pandemic.

Ukraine International (PS), Sky Mali (ML), and Hawaiian Airlines (HA) have all selected APG IET to expand their global sales distribution and generate incremental revenue streams.

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