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Villa M– Living In A Tropical Paradise Sustainability, Conservation, Protection are an integral part in everything we do.

Villa M loves all things green and has a dedicated green philosophy in everything we do, sustaining, conserving and protecting Koh Samui ‘s remarkable natural beauty and exotic wildlife. Our commitment is to “Reducing, Reusing Recycling”, ensuring a minimal holiday footprint on this tropical island paradise.

We have said GOODBYE to:

♻️single use plastic bottles and plastic straws (now bamboo)

♻️plastic water bottles /now only glass

♻️plastic carry bags, now fabric

And HELLO to:

♻️Villa M Stainless Steel water bottles (for pool / beach etc.)

♻️Glass Water Dispensers

♻️Eco friendly amenities

♻️Eco friendly cleaning products

♻️Eco friendly pest control

Villa M was the first villa on Samui with a dedicated green philosophy using only environmentally friendly materials, responsible waste management and recycled products in its construction 12 years ago, and since. Villa M is also involved with The Green Island Project, a collaborative, long-term programme of projects and events involving the whole community.

We were attracted originally to Koh Samui not only by its magical island charm,  some of the most stunning landscapes and beaches in Thailand and its gentle indigenous culture but also we share its long term commitment to its green initiative, protection and conservation of its natural beauty and amazing wildlife, and its strict building codes (e.g. you cannot build above the palm trees – 3 storeys maximum)

Little wonder that Koh Samui continues to be amongst the most popular international island destinations

For Villa M’s latest special offers and packages please Email: villamsamui@gmail.com

Alternatively, to learn more about Villa M  please visit www.villamsamui.com

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